Ozonetel unveiled its Voice Bot Platform that would enable easy development of bots for various voice endpoints like telephony, mobile app, etc.

Ozonetel unveils advanced Voice Bot Platform to ease contact center operations

On May 15th at Hyderabad, on-demand cloud communication and telephony solutions provider, Ozonetel unveiled its Voice Bot Platform. Launching the bot, Chaitanya Chokkareddy, Chief Innovation Officer, Ozonetel, explained that his company’s platform would enable easy development of voice bots for various voice endpoints i.e. telephony, mobile app, websites, and digital assistants. All existing chatbots could effortlessly be ported to the Voice Bot platform. This platform, he says, provides a new voice channel for all chatbots.

A voice bot is an interactive voice user interface powered by Natural Language Processing. Voice bots help inbound or outbound call centers to offer better customer experience in multiple ways. For customer support, a voice bot provides conversational self-service, answers Frequently Asked Questions, acts as an intelligent auto-receptionist, guides the caller to get connected to the right agent, and helps cancel or reschedule bookings for customers and much more. For outbound call centers, voice bots can give dynamic and personalized reminders for payments, past dues, renewals, introduce new products and features, interact with prospective leads to create initial interest, qualifying the leads, collect regular information from users and much more.

Speaking exclusively to VoicenData Bureau, Chokkareddy, said, “Earlier, voice bots were developed on demand. This is now a bot platform which is being launched. Using this, developers can build voice bots for phone, web and home assistants. Anyone can just sign up and start building voice bots. Clients can use this platform to add a voice channel to their existing chat bots easily. With this, bots can answer the most common queries of callers and save agent time. Support teams can use bots to be the first point of contact and reduce resolution time and increase satisfaction. Sales teams can use the bots to qualify leads and marketing teams can use the bot to perform surveys etc.”

Chokkareddy revealed that with the launch of this Bot, Ozonetel has ushered in the age of AI in the contact center industry. He hopes that in the coming months a lot of customer interactions will move onto Ozonetel’s bot platform and he would be targeting US, India and SEA markets with this Voice Bot.

Elaborating more about the product, Chokkareddy said that developers can easily add voice channel to their chatbot using its existing chatbot codebase with Ozonetel Voice Bot platform. This voice bot platform includes advanced features such as speak naturally and instant recognition on the go. This allows for users to speak naturally with pauses, while also providing the fastest recognition. With this platform, developers can easily build Google Duplex like functionality for their voice applications. Ozonetel Voice Bot platform also supports digital assistants like Alexa and Google home apps.

With integrated multi-lingual Speech to text engine (Google, Bing, Ozonetel), Text to Speech engine (Google, Microsoft, AWS Polly) and Natural Language Understanding engines (Google Dialog Flow, Ozonetel, Custom) the Ozonetel Voice Bot platform is a complete solution for building voice bots, says Chokkareddy. He further said that the Ozonetel Voice Bot platform will make it very easy and cost-effective for organizations to voice-enable their existing chatbots and build new ones.

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