Ozonetel will be at the forefront of providing AI-based cloud telephony omni-channel widgets: Chaitanya Chokkareddy

Ozonetel Systems, located in India, Singapore, and the USA, provides on-demand cloud communication services. The company is into redefining the existing communication set-up in India with its cloud-based telephony solutions. A passionate tele-tech enthusiast, Chaitanya Chokkareddy, the Chief Innovation Officer of Ozonetel, outlines on how Ozonetel is exploiting AI in redefining the cloud communication architecture in India. A brief interaction is shared here:

VoicenData: The company has recently brought out KooKoo. Could you elaborate on the product’s credentials?

Chaitanya: KOOKOO allows businesses to set up cloud contact centers in a jiffy. Through the use of widgets and AI businesses will be able to integrate a communication channel in their apps and websites. There are more than 50,000 agents on the KOOKOO platform and the platform handles more than 10 million call minutes per day. KOOKOO Interactive Assistant (KIA) is the world’s first truly omnichannel widget which allows you to talk and chat in the same conversation.

VoicenData: How do you see cloud telephony market in India undergoing a change and how is Ozonetel positioning to be that change maker?

Chaitanya: We revolutionized telephony by introducing KOOKOO as the first cloud telephony platform in India. Even now KOOKOO is the only developer friendly cloud telephony platform in India. Missed call solutions, cloud IVRs, cloud PBX, and cloud contact centers have become the norm now. AI is now the next big frontier and we will revolutionize contact center space with the AI avatar of KOOKOO. The future of conversations will be shared by AI and we will be at the forefront showing the way.

VoicenData: The buzz is on AI. How can AI bring a different paradigm to cloud telephony services? How is Ozonetel deploying AI to advance its services?

Chaitanya: AI changes the rules of the game as far as cloud telephony is concerned. The presence of AI will be felt by all the stakeholders, the customers, the agents, and the supervisors. Call centers collect a lot of data. All this data will now be put to good use to make the contact centers more effective using AI.

This year, we are working on disrupting how contact centers are going to work by introducing AI into the mix. We have completely reworked our stack and AI/machine learning is the core of all our modules now. We will bring in AI into contact centers with features like: Speech Analytics, Sentiment Analysis for analyzing customer moods, Natural Language Processing, and Smart Assistant Widgets. This will open up new verticals and markets for Ozonetel and will firmly entrench Ozonetel as an innovator in the cloud telephony space.

VoicenData: Recently, Ozonetel tied up with Shopify stores. How can the company’s product boost Shopify’s business? Do you intend to sign up more customers of the similar kind?

Chaitanya: Shopify has made it easy for businesses to come online. Our goal was to provide the same ease for businesses to get a contact center setup for their business. The widget we released allows a business to do just that. With just the click of a button, businesses can add a contact center to their Shopify stores. People visiting Shopify storefronts will have questions. By setting up this widget, the visitors to the store can just click on the widget and will be instantly connected to an agent who can answer their queries over voice or chat channel. This way, the stores can resolve customer queries in real time and help make more sales happen.

This year, we are planning on releasing this widget in more marketplaces to sign up more customers.

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