Working together to build fully connected, intelligent world: Huawei

Huawei HAS 2020 Global Analyst Summit began in Shenzhen, China, today.

Delivering the keynote, Guo Ping, Huawei Rotating Chairman, said that we have stayed afloat thanks to customers and partners. We have 16,000 part numbers and over 1,800 boards, along with 80 million lines of code. Changes to the foreign direct product rule will affect our business, but we will try and do our best. Huawei has long been a contributor to global technology. We have deployed over 1,500 networks across 170+ countries. We are helping ecosystem partners prosper, with connectivity, computing and smart devices.

HuaweiVoicenData Bureau | voicendata

We are promoting more open and inclusive standards bodies. In connectivity, we ar eadvocating unified global standards. We are blazing new trails and creating new industries with technology. Eg. naked eye 3D for all screens. Fragmented standards and supply chains will benefit no one. The industry will pay a terrible price. Unified standards have fuelled incredible development across industries.

Fragmentation also brings supply risks to global customers. Foundations of trust and global collaboration will fracture, escalating conflict between suppliers.

Huwaei’s supply chain is not closed off, but more open than ever. We remain committed to diversification and global supply chain. Staying united and working together is more important than ever. We need to work together to strengthen IPR protection, safeguard fair competition, etc. All industries are now going digital. The intelligent world is coming fast! There are several digital economy opportunities by 2025, contributing about $23 trillion. We continue to work with standards, partners and customers.

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