Cyber Threats

Be wary of ever-evolving cyber threats: Forcepoint

In order to be aware and proactive about the loss of personal data, Surendra Singh, Country Director – Indian & SAARC, Forcepoint emphasizes how one should always be alert about one’s personal data. According to him, the ever-evolving cyber threats should not be taken lightly and one should be mindful how their data is collected, used and shared.

Jan.28 is called as the Data Privacy Day which is an international effort held annually to create awareness about the importance of respecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust.  Keeping that in mind, Mr. Singh says, “Data Privacy Day is a timely reminder for organisations that maintaining the privacy of customers and employees data is a continuous work and must be defended against ever-evolving cyber threats. Cybersecurity needs to be more than skin-deep, and in order to outpace the evolution of attacks, must look to adopt differentiated approach– such as behaviour based cybersecurity — to stop breaches before they occur.”

He also adds, “For consumers, there needs to be a greater understanding of what information can be used by potential hackers. You wouldn’t share your mother’s maiden name, or the name of your first pet so nonchalantly, however, viral social media campaigns like the #10YearChallenge, for example, are potentially giving cyber attackers the tools that can be used to bypass biometric authentication which is becoming widely popular.”

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