VVDN develops 5G IP software for Xilinx T1 Telco Accelerator card

VVDN developed the IP’s for O-RAN Fronthaul and 5G NR channel coding functions, which can be offloaded to the T1 card designed for O-DU acceleration

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VVDN Technologies has announced that it is all set to simplify and accelerate 5G networks using its software on the Xilinx T1 Telco Accelerator card, announced today from Xilinx Inc.


VVDN says the company supports the Xilinx T1 – a multi-function small form factor PCIe card that performs both O-RAN fronthaul and 5G NR layer-1 acceleration in a single slot PCIe card.

With its advanced offload capabilities, the Xilinx T1 provides a dramatic reduction in the number of CPU cores required in a virtualized system.

  • VVDN developed the IP’s for O-RAN Fronthaul (on MPSoC ZU19EG) and 5G NR channel coding functions (on RFSoC ZU21DR), which can be offloaded to the T1 card that is designed for O-DU acceleration.

  • The L1 offload design is available from VVDN with BBDEV standard APIs, which can easily interface with compliant 5G L1 software stack.

  • O-RAN split option 7-2x fronthaul design with 2x25G Ethernet/eCPRI interfaces from VVDN is available with DPDK standard APIs for interfacing with compliant 5G L1 software stack.


Through this convergence of Soft IPs and Hardware VVDN intends to bring:

  • Interface design simplicity,

  • Transport bandwidth scalability,

  • Interoperability,

  • Lower O-RU complexity,

  • Industry-standard software framework,

  • Reduced CAPEX and latency

Saurav Gupta, Vice President – Sales (North America), VVDN Technologies, said, “VVDN has put in a significant investment in 5G solutions and is committed to simplify the challenges of latency and power consumption for our customers. Taking a step further by using Xilinx’s T1 and our IPs, we expect to enable efficient 5G infrastructures. We are offering IPs as well as custom engineering services both for O-RAN Fronthaul and Layer 1 offload, along-side Xilinx’s T1 Telco Accelerator Card”.

Dan Mansur - Vice President, Wired and Wireless Group Xilinx, “The promise of O-RAN is here and provides a platform for engaging with ecosystem partners like VVDN to deliver the widest breadth of 5G solutions possible. Xilinx’s T1 card with MPSoC and RFSoC FPGAs, along with VVDN’s IP solutions for 5G baseband processing is engineered to bring significant power and cost savings, a critical benefit for advancing 5G infrastructure globally.”