Vodafone woos Ahmedabad railway passengers with free Wi-Fi

AHMEDABAD: Vodafone India, one of India’s leading telecom service providers, has collaborated with Indian Railways to set up a free Wi-Fi zone at Ahmedabad Railway station, Kalupur. According to the press release around 2,50,000 people who cross Ahmedabad station each day would be benefited.

Explaining in detail, Vodafone states that the company will offer this free Wi-Fi zone on platform No. 1 of the Ahmedabad railway station situated at Kalupur area. Vodafone’s free Wi-Fi zone is network agnostic and any mobile phone user can avail of this benefit, regardless of which telecom service provider they are aligned with. Vodafone’s free Wi-Fi zone facilitates 100 MB or 20 minutes of uninterrupted usage, whichever lapses first. A mobile phone user can connect once in 24 hours from one unique number. Vodafone is one of the first telecom service providers in India to activate this innovative initiative linking branding and mass customer engagement, at a popular public outpost.

Commenting on this new service at Ahmedabad, Jayesh Gadia, Business Head – Gujarat, Vodafone India, said, “At Vodafone, we have been constantly innovating and evolving along with a dynamic environment to empower customers and simplify their lives through the self-service platform. As Gujarat’s no. 1 telecom company for 19 years now, Vodafone is pleased to bring one more customer friendly initiative in the form of free Wi-Fi zone at the Ahmedabad railway station. Whether you are passing by or waiting, now platform no.1 at Ahmedabad Railway Station, Kalupur, is going to be the cool spot to hang out and stay connected round the clock, thanks to Vodafone.”

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