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How's real-time Customer Data Platform can eliminate data silos, add value, both as a stand-alone solution or integrated across other solutions.

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Customer Data Platform

Modern marketing is data-driven, the core of it being reliable on intelligent and actionable customer data - enabling businesses to capture insights into prospects and qualified customers at a level of detail like never before as well as reinforcing its products and services.  


It doesn't come as a surprise that the customer data platform (CDP) is progressing at a pace faster than any other marketing technique. The growth in the market for customer data platforms (CDPs) is primarily heaved by the determination of B2C and B2B enterprises to deliver meaningful and superior customer experiences. 

From hospitality to financial services firms, all industries are exploring ways to enhance operational efficiency, leverage data and analytics to improve customer engagement and satisfaction, and optimize their marketing efforts. 

With's CDP, firms can centralize all their fragmented customer data from multiple touchpoints to drive real-time customer insights and a dynamic single view of the customer profiles, making it convenient and more worthwhile for all teams to work together to deliver organized and personalized, multichannel experiences. This article provides a glance at how's real-time CDP can eliminate data silos, add value, whether used as a stand-alone solution or integrated across other solutions.


So, What is a CDP and Why do you need one?

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A customer data platform (CDP), in a nutshell, is software that accumulates and organizes customer data from multiple channels like online and offline data sources to create meticulous, unified, and real-time customer profiles. A CDP's primary function is to trigger known audiences across multiple marketing channels. 


With time, customers have become data-first, thus, interacting with businesses in new ways across different channels. This puts forward the need for brands to be data-first to collect and organize the bits and pieces of information (first-party data) that the customers leave behind every interaction. Since this data is often fragmented and siloed across different software and channels, it's almost impossible to utilize this valuable data to its fullest.'s CDP unlocks this data for your business. We aggregate the first-party data and then standardize and transform it by matching individual customer identities from each system and integrating them into a single consistent and accurate view of each customer. 

One appealing facet of's Real-time CDP is its proficiency in delivering continuous data that keeps the people and customer profiles updated. On one hand, having a unified view of the customer profiles makes it feasible to settle customer identity problems so that marketers can access consistent profiles in real-time, richer customer insights and therefore, provide a better experience. At the same time, the additional benefit of accurate insights into customer actions taken online or offline allows marketers to run relevant, personalized, and compelling campaigns based on real-time data. 


Key Capabilities of's CDP Offering's CDP offering is remarkable and unique compared with other CDP solutions and complex marketing clouds offerings. Here's why:


Build 360° Customer Profiles

Firms generally have access to a lot of customer data but the real struggle is to gather, interpret, organize and leverage it effectively as it is disseminated across different software systems. Therefore, you may not be able to use that customer data in the right way.'s CDP makes it easy for you to provide a truly connected customer experience, track customer behavior and make relevant recommendations to your customers across multiple touchpoints by providing an instant and unified view of individual customers. 

In a nutshell, with's CDP, you can centralize your customer data into 360˚ customer profiles, no matter where or how your data is compiled.

  • Leverage the power of unlimited data sources
  • Intermix data through Webhooks, API integrations, or CSV imports

Segment Based On Customer Behavior

When your customer data is fully incorporated in the Mobile Marketing Cloud, you can develop segments based on the rules and criteria of your choice. 


That's how's CDP enabled ICA, India's only training institute that provides 100% job guarantee courses in accounts, finance, and taxation, to improve their engagement and customer loyalty via intelligent segmentation. Not just this, you just don't need to be stuck on traditional targeting and can create even more sophisticated segments consisting of channel engagement, birthdays, purchase history, user location, web behavior, or any other categories based on your preference. 

  • Understand customer intent better and create segments on the basis of behavior targeting 
  • Create segments on the basis of events or demographics
  • Process segments by permissions to confirm GDPR compliance

1:1 Personalization

Consumers expect a fiction-less and personalized experience. You can do this by leveraging actionable customer insights and data events of their interactions to orchestrate an exemplary brand experience and maintain context across the entire customer journey. 

If you make your customer feel valued and connected to your brand, they sure are going to come back. Go for complete personalization with's CDP. What's more? Each process can be automated and gauged by using real-time smart segments.

For instance, ICA wanted to reach out to their customers on WhatsApp as it is an important channel due to a major proportion of their target audience using it. With an initial WhatsApp chatbot conversion rate of 10%, ICA reached  20-25% just within two months after using's CDP as it helped them opt for complete personalization and fully automated processes!

  • Know what your customers want
  • Fully personalize your customer experiences
  • Use real-time smart segments

Automate With Workflows

Once you know what your customer expects from you, you now need to reach them with the relevant offerings at the right moment and the right channel.'s Mobile Marketing Cloud does the job for you. It enables you with all the campaign management tools to create omnichannel customer journeys.

  • Start omnichannel conversations via Email, SMS, or WhatsApp
  • Automate with personal workflows
  • Use advanced campaign management

You can’t deliver exceptional customer experiences without understanding your customer's behavior and your relationship with them. Here’s an understanding of how helped ICA eliminate a multitude of challenges that they faced when it came to running and managing the conversational channels seamlessly. With's CDPs, ICA was enabled to have the access to a unified customer view which helped them achieve targeted personalization on a major scale. This led ICA to provide an optimal customer experience to each customer. With, ICA was able to achieve a 10%, open rate which was even higher than the industry benchmark. 

Seshadri Basak (National Head-Media & Digital Marketing, ICA Edu Skills) on his & ICA’s team experience using Mobile Marketing Cloud and this is what he had to say about his experience:

"After over 15 Years of experience and after using over 50 SAAS Products, I have noticed something. The biggest place where all SAAS products fall apart is their Inbuilt Application Support System!

Now, has not only taken our business to a complete automation process by enhancing our ROI but has also provided solid Customer Support! It's the one-stop solution provider when it comes to cloud-based communication!"

It’s pretty clear that a customer data platform provides excellent value to any firm that wants to boost customer experiences and keep its efforts effective and efficient. And what organization won't want that?

If you're ready to get started with CDP, is the right place for you to begin with.

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