‘Telcos should look beyond transactional data to maintain ARPU growth’

NEW DELHI: Telcos will have to look beyond transactional data and focus on customer interactions, connections and satisfaction to maintain ARPU growth, mobile solutions company mCarbon said in its white paper.

To compete in this era of extreme customization, there is a need to be more responsive to customers and telcos who can anticipate and meet customers’ critical needs will win more business.

It said, an adaptive contextual marketing platform is the next step in the evolution of customer marketing for telcos; which works by extracting more value from an operator’s data and enabling faster, more intelligent customer interactions.

Even though unstructured and semi-structured data, especially from new sources such as IN, billing systems, device management systems, holds immense potential, most operators are missing the analytic opportunities of big data as they are still focused on gleaning insights from structured data via traditional tools for business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing (DW).

Interactive End of Call Notification (i-eocn) advances beyond campaigns and adopts a contextual multichannel engagement model which creates highly engaging customer interaction and yields proprietary operator data that cannot be replicated by traditional marketing methods or third-party data sources.

The ability to systematically analyze data, both structured and unstructured, represents a new world of exploration open to mobile network operators. New tools provide deeper insights into voice and data usage. For telcos, it’s important to know more about their subscribers to boost customer experience, deliver new products and services, and monetize data and infrastructure while reducing costs, the white paper said.

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