Savitri Telecom Services presents Spirent’s Highest Density 400G Ethernet Solution for Next Generation Network Testing

An industry leader in test and measurement, introduced the world’s first 8-port 1U-high rack mountable solution for testing 400/200/100/50 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE). A single pX3 400G appliance offers 8 ports and up to 255 pX3 units can be interconnected to provide synchronized timing for a total of 2,040 ports. These appliances will inter-operate with and complement Spirent’s extensive high speed Ethernet test modules and chassis offerings. The new pX3 400G Appliance incorporates Spirent’s “Enhanced Results”, with powerful and context-sensitive drill-down views that enable a user to quickly navigate to specific ports or streams and identify problematic events in a matter of seconds, even with the largest and most complex test configurations.

Spirent’s new pX3 400G Appliance is the world’s highest density QSFP-DD tester, designed to validate the forwarding performance and quality of service of ultra-high-scale, next-generation-enabled, multi-terabit routers and switches, all contained in a single rack space.


  • 8 400GbE ports per 1U High appliances, deliver highest density high-speed Ethernet solution
  • Each port support 400/200/100/50GBE
  • Support for optical fiber, active optical cables and direct attached Cable
  • Support for Ethernet (FEC) AN& LT
  • Protocol testing for L2/3 routing / switching Data Centre test case Benefits
  • Industry’s highest density QSFP-DD test appliance
  • Conduct Performance, stress, and industry standard benchmark tests
  • Provides large capacity testing for a variety of services Applications
  • Cloud Computing/Streaming Services—Validate data plane QoS on thousands of flows at line rate and test complex routing, data center and access protocols on switches and routers.
  • Data Center ToR and EoR Switches and Fabrics—Validate forwarding performance, latency, MAC capacity and functional capabilities of ultra-high-scale, next-generation enabled multiterabit cloud data center fabrics. This platform will allow synchronized timing of 255 systems.
  • Terabit Routers—Test latest generation of core routers with high-scale, multiprotocol topologies.

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