Savitri Telecom Services Introduces MICROSEMI’s Physical Security Solution

Security is one of the most important concerns across all segments and industries today. And it could not be more true for the Physical Security Applications.

Some of the threats that physical security protects against are unauthorized access into areas and theft of mobile devices. Attackers can gain entry into secured areas through tailgating, hacking into access control smart cards or breaking in through doors. Defenses for these threats include physical intrusion detection systems, alarm systems, and man traps.

Having these devices connected to the internet induces several security challenges. A lot of companies these days are trying to isolate these networks from the internet to be able to mitigate these security challenges. This requires that the timing for the entire system be generated and maintained with the network. This is where Microsemi’s Physical Security Solutions come in.

Microsemi’s physical security solutions serve multiple industries globally, addressing applications such as access control and IP surveillance, including IP security cameras, DVRs/NVRs and Ethernet networking. In an increasingly connected world, physical threats continue to be a major concern for governments, industry, and consumers alike. Modern access control systems must process large amounts of data and transform it into information that can help us identify and prevent threats from becoming reality. IP connectivity, either through wired Ethernet, IEEE 802.11 WiFi, or HDBaseT, is increasingly common. Energy efficiency is another critical consideration, especially as security systems cover both indoor and outdoor venues.

Microsemi SyncServer S80:

The Microsemi SyncServer S80 is a fully integrated GPS/ GLONASS antenna, receiver, NTP server, and PoE interface that easily integrates into existing PoE infrastructure to immediately be the source of accurate, secure, and reliable time stamps for all network-connected devices. Network-isolated physical security systems benefit from this, as the ruggedized Stratum 1 network time server is ideal for time-synchronizing IP security cameras, access control devices, and digital/network video recorders. SyncServer S80 is also suitable for synchronizing the time on small enterprise networks.

For robust and secure NTP operations, SyncServer S80 is equipped with the Microsemi security-hardened NTP Reflector technology with 100% hardware-based NTP packet processing. The NTP Reflector works as a CPU-protecting firewall, with bandwidth filtering and limiting of all non-NTP traffic.

Whether the physical security network is stationary or moving, SyncServer S80 is ready for plug-and-play delivery of accurate and secure NTP time stamps. Both static and dynamic modes are available to accommodate fixed landbased installations or mobile applications such as seaborne or land mobile. The PoE interface makes SyncServer S80 ready to plug into the nearest PoE switch or midspan. A few simple commands are all that is needed to configure SyncServer S80 for set-and-forget NTP network timing services.

Microsemi PoE Systems Portfolio:

Microsemi’s PoE Switches and Midspans eliminate the need for local AC power sources, enabling fast and simple installation of IP surveillance cameras and WLAN Access Points. Leverage our wide portfolio of PoE solutions, from 15 W to 95 W of full power, single and multi-port Midspan Injectors, and Switches addressing the unique requirements of both indoor and outdoor security applications.

Physical security is getting the even more serious topic of discussion with the adoption of Smart Cities and Internet of Things. The number of devices that connect to the internet and are vulnerable to the attacks is increasing at a compounding rate. Making sure these devices are secure involves a lot of small activities and the Microsemi Physical Security solutions is one of the parts of the puzzle.

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