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Saankhya Labs receives FCC Certification for WIFAR Compliant UHF broadband radio solutions

Wireless Communication Solutions company Saankhya Labs has announced that the Federal Communication Commission, (FCC), USA certification has been received for its indigenously developed UHF fixed wireless broadband radio products which operate on TV White Space (TVWS) band.

These are the world’s first WIFAR standard (which is based on IEEE 802.22 standards) compliant TVWS products to be certified by the FCC of USA.

TV white space (TVWS) is an unlicensed UHF spectrum that can be used effectively to provide rural broadband internet and IoT connectivity in underserved areas. The technology is suitable to provide non-line of sight (NLOS) coverage over long distances (up to 15 Kms) in rural environments.

Saankhya Labs’ TVWS solution includes two radio products – MEGHDOOT, which is a Base Station Radio and DHAVAL which is a Client Radio. The product is based on the IEEE 802.22 standard and supports point-to-point and point-to-multipoint mode of operation.

The Saankhya TVWS Radios provide the highest spectral efficiency compared to other similar equipment as they use a complete 6MHz TV Band available for TVWS. Saankhya’s TVWS solution also comes with a remote Element Management Software (EMS), that helps in remote provisioning and monitoring of the equipment which is very crucial for remote deployments. Powered by Saankhya’s patented Software Defined Radio (SDR) Pruthvi chipsets, the Base Station and Client Radios are completely designed, developed and manufactured in India.

In its press statement, Saankhya Solution says that the company has numerous applications. It can help connect millions of people living in rural areas with high-speed broadband internet in a highly cost-effective manner. During natural disasters like cyclones or earthquakes, when mainstream communication networks are affected, the TVWS radio solution can be used for setting up an auxiliary communication network in just a couple of hours.

It can be used for highly secure encrypted defense communication in remote areas. The solution also can be used for setting up remote surveillance and monitoring system in mines, oil rigs, remote factories and warehouses, perimeter security in airports and defense bases, etc. The TVWS radio solution can be used for IoT applications including remote sensors for agriculture, IoT solutions in factories and mines, etc.

In India, Saankhya has conducted trials in collaboration with various institutions like IIT Delhi, IIT Mumbai, and IIT Hyderabad, in Delhi, Palghar, Maharashtra and Medak, Telangana and jointly with ERNET in Varanasi, UP and Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh.

Internationally, Saankhya has supplied TVWS products for trials to customers in the USA, UK, South AfricaSouth KoreaZimbabweNew Zealand, and Japan. Now with FCC certification in place, Saankhya Labs solution is ready to roll out the solution globally.

“We are extremely happy to present to the world our new FCC-certified broadband wireless products. We are proud to be amongst the first broadband wireless equipment vendors from India to have an FCC-certified product and we are now fully focussed on leveraging the enormous benefits of these products in connecting the rural and remote areas in various countries around the world,” said Saankhya Labs CEO Parag Naik.

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