OPPO revises After Sales Service policy, warranty time

NEW DELHI: Chinese mobile handset manufacturer, OPPO has announced a new ‘After Sales-Service Policy’ for its handsets. The company says that the revision will include an added focus on service performance, quality, understanding the customer and proactive communication to address any query or call for support. As part of OPPO’s strategy to strengthen its global market and after sales, the company intends to open 200, new service centers across India.

As part of its new policy, every OPPO smartphone will now have extended warranty. All new handsets purchased from December 15, 2016 onwards will have a 2 years’ service warranty applicable across all OPPO service centers in India.

According to the new policy any new OPPO handset that develops functional defect within the first 30 days of purchase will be termed, as ‘Dead after Purchase’ and handset will be replaced automatically. If the device comes up with any performance fault listed in the Schedule ‘Performance Failure Table’ during first two years of purchase, customers can get service under warranty or maintenance. The accessories such as charger, data cable, headset and battery (including internal battery) come with 6-month warranty.

As a part of OPPO strategy and customer approach the company strongly believes that it is very important to understand what the customer values and desires and that customer support and after sales service were the two most important pillars of a company’s goodwill and performance in any market.

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