OPPO collaborates with T-Hub in key areas: Tasleem Arif, VP, India R&D Head

OPPO is a well-known name among the smartphones community across India. It is among the world’s leading smart device manufacturers and innovators.

Here, Tasleem Arif, VP, India R&D Head, OPPO India, talks about the company’s recent partnership with T-Hub. Excerpts from an interview:

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V&D: How is the OPPO partnership with T-Hub going to function?

Tasleem Arif: Our collaboration with T-Hub is in line with our vision to strengthen the startup ecosystem and holistic development of the country. In the last few years, we have witnessed the startup community push all boundaries of innovation and continue their rapid growth spree.

We recognize that technological leadership and entrepreneurship are among the key pillars for the overall economic growth of the country. With this partnership we aim to provide impetus to startups, and for them to localize solutions and products. We would be selecting startups based on the prototypes and strategic fitment with OPPO products, which would have the potential to accelerate. We’ll provide incubation support along with any other technical mentorship and access to the new market.

V&D: What are the areas chosen for development?

Tasleem Arif: Our work with T-Hub is a testament of our commitment to boost the startup ecosystem and bolster a culture of entrepreneurship in the country. Some of the areas that we would be collaborating with T-Hub includes the areas, which are extremely prevalent during the current times, such as artificial intelligence, battery, camera, image, processing, gaming, 5G and system performance. We are confident that this partnership will result in advanced technologies and help in providing a richer experience to the consumers.

V&D: How are you looking to strengthen the startups community?

Tasleem Arif: Innovation and entrepreneurship are the driving force for the growth of the economy. OPPO remains committed to the development of the country. We aim to provide support to the Government’s Startup India program and explore the potential of Indian startups’ to develop customer-centric solutions.

In addition to our recent partnership with T-Hub, we had also signed MoUs earlier in 2019 with the Governments of Kerala (KSUM) and Telangana to boost the start-ups in the respective states. Earlier this year, we also collaborated with the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, for joint research over the next two years to develop localized technologies in areas, such as camera, battery, 5G, artificial intelligence, etc.

V&D: Elaborate on some of the solutions developed by the start-ups.

Tasleem Arif: OPPO is focused towards supporting and nurturing the startup ecosystem in India. Our work with industry players such as T-Hub, Governments of Kerala [Kerala Start-up Mission (KSUM)] and Telangana is a testimony of our commitment towards the startup community and aligned with Government of India’s start-up vision.

As part of these partnerships, we are exploring various solutions and technologies with start-ups in India. We are looking to develop localized solutions and technology to provide the best user experience.

V&D: How is OPPO working on XR? Are there any specifics available?

Tasleem Arif: We have continuously evolved ourselves to meet the needs of the consumers through our wide range of products and services. Our determination to develop futuristic technology, highlights our commitments to provide a holistic and enhanced experience to our customers. We are striving for meaningful products and solutions, rather than knocking together pieces of hardware.

For instance, last year in December, we announced new OPPO AR Glass and its use in augmented reality content and games, workplace, and service uses. We expect the AR Glass to be a game changer for augmented reality. Our massive $7 billion 3-year global R&D plan will continually strengthen our AR capabilities. We will continue to explore and develop futuristic technologies that can play a major role as a gateway in connecting people and making lives easier.

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