Nokia Deploys World's fastest fiber network in Belgium

Nokia Wins 5G Networks Deal with DITO in the Philippines

On Wednesday, Nokia announced that it is partnering with DITO Telecommunity Corporation (DITO), to deploy 5G services on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. This development comes shortly after the Finnish telecom vendor said it is also deploying fiber optics infrastructure in Malaysia.

Incidentally, the Philippines launched its 5G network in May 2021. This move will allow DITO to build its ambitious strategy of building a high-quality network throughout the country, which formally launched in May 2021.

Nokia’s 5G Venture in the Philippines

Nokia is looking to deliver next-gen services with DITO to the latter’s customers with superior speeds, capacity, and lower latencies. Nokia’s network will also reduce complexity and drive down costs through increased energy efficiencies.

Nokia is also supplying equipment from its comprehensive massive MIMO, multi-band, Single RAN AirScale portfolio. This will allow Nokia to build RAN for the 5G infrastructure across Mindanao, the Philippines’ second largest island.

Notably, DITO also utilized Nokia’s NetAct solution for network management and seamless daily network operations. This includes configuration management, monitoring, and software management. Nokia provided digital design and deployment for a faster time to market as well as optimization and technical support services.

Nokia has been an existing 4G LTE radio partner since 2020. DITO, a joint venture between Udenna Group and China Telecom, is the newest telco in the Philippines.

Tommi Uitto, President, Mobile Networks, Nokia, said, “we are proud to continue our partnership with DITO into the 5G era and help deliver its ambitious plans for 5G connectivity. We are also delighted that DITO has selected our industry-leading 5G RAN solutions to underpin its new network which will deliver incredible connectivity experiences for businesses and people.”

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