Nokia Networks joins hands with Telecom Italia to bring innovation power of startups to telco industry

NEW DELHI: Finnish network gear maker has signed a two-year agreement with Telecom Italia on technology scouting of innovative startups to identify prospective partners in mutually agreed areas such as NFV, SDN, RAN Evolution and next generation SON.

With the proliferation of technologies and the increasing complexity of products and services, startups can help companies implement externally developed solutions and create new business and market opportunities.

Under the two-year agreement, Nokia Networks and Telecom Italia will seek and evaluate the innovations, implementing new solutions in their respective portfolios.

“Collaborating with Nokia Networks on this scouting program will open up the opportunity to introduce new network technologies in strategic areas, faster than before, guaranteeing the support of a leading OEM like Nokia Networks. The initiative will give us access to innovators, mainly but not only in Silicon Valley, speed up and improve technical development, leading to newer and better services for our consumers,” said Sandro Dionisi, Executive Vice President and Director of Global Advisory Services at Telecom Italia.

“Startups are a rich source of innovation that can provide building blocks for various telecom and digital services. In particular, we see immense potential in areas such as NFV, SDN, RAN Evolution and SON. Together with Telecom Italia, we will further engage with the wider ecosystem of technology companies, identifying disruptive innovators and developing new solutions in these domains,” said Hossein Moiin, Executive Vice President and CTO at Nokia Networks.

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