TCS Launches New IoT Engineering Lab in Ohio to boost IoT Solutions

TCS IoT Engineering lab in Ohio accelerates innovation with AI, GenAI, and IoT solutions, enhancing industries like healthcare, manufacturing, and energy.

Punam Singh
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TCS IoT engineering lab

TCS IoT Engineering Lab

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has launched a new Internet of Things (IoT) engineering lab in Cincinnati, Ohio to accelerate innovation for clients. The new lab spans 3000 square feet and is designed to support rapid prototyping, experimentation, and large-scale implementation of AI, GenAI, and IoT engineering solutions.


The lab will advance the deployment of TCS’ comprehensive suite of  IoT solutions, including TCS Clever Energy, TCS Digital Manufacturing Platform (DMP), and TCS Digifleet, among others. These solutions will cater to various industries such as healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, energy, and resources, consumer packaged goods, and more.

This facility will enable TCS to assist clients in bringing innovative solutions. The lab will also facilitate collaboration and co-innovation among businesses, integrating physical assets, partner technologies, and customer challenges to create new offerings and solutions.

Key initiatives anchored at this IoT Engineering Lab include:

  • Digital Twin of the Heart: TCS has created the first-ever digital heart of a professional runner, demonstrating the potential of AI-powered digital twin technology to transform athlete training and healthcare.
  • Building Software-Defined Vehicles: TCS helps automakers and OEMs navigate and accelerate their journey toward building Software-Defined Vehicles (SDVs), leveraging GenAI and object detection to track people, vehicles, and other hazards in a car's path.
  • Smart Gardening Technology: The lab engages with the local community through TCS Grow+, a smart gardening technology that has helped harvest over 3,500 pounds of fruits and vegetables, benefiting more than 500 families through various charitable organizations.

This new lab is strategically located in Cincinnati which is also home to TCS’ largest American delivery center, allowing it to tap into the area’s tech talent to assist customers across North America. This investment is expected to help clients bridge the traditional divide between operational and digital technology.