Net Neutrality: ‘A democratic network-neutral platform needed’

NEW DELHI: Rajesh Magow, Co-Founder and CEO-India, MakeMyTrip, pitches for a democratic network-neutral platform.

He said: We are committed to a free internet and fully support Net Neutrality. Innovation is core to our DNA and a free internet will foster innovation and boost the pace of economic growth of the country.

A 2011 McKinsey Report on ‘The Impact Of Internet On Economic Growth & Prosperity’ suggests that higher internet penetration leads to a rise in living standard and drives business transformation and economic modernization. In light of this analysis, it will be important for India to not only accelerate the penetration of internet, but also make sure that the next set of mobile-first users who are coming online from Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities find valuable services, in a language they understand, on the internet.

We urge all government departments to consider how internet can be integrated in their respective areas, in order to provide value to this first-time internet user, instead of treating the internet as a separate vertical. We would also like to propose a democratic network-neutral platform, where companies can come together to build solutions for these first-time internet users (in their native languages), to support the growth and penetration of internet in India, without any commercial arrangement between the parties involved.

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