ICEA felt confident that the formal institution of the PLI scheme will greatly hasten up this process and fulfil the Prime Minister’s Vision

Modi 2.0 will bring in appropriate policy and regulatory interventions to support growth of electronics & mobile manufacturing ecosystem: Pankaj Mohindroo, Chairman, ICEA

The apex industry body of mobile and electronics industry, India Cellular and Electronics Association (ICEA) comprises of manufacturers, brand owners, technology providers, VAS application & solution providers, distributors and retail chains of mobile handsets and electronics devices.

With Narendra Modi coming back to power, the BJP supremo is expected to steer the startup ecosystem to greater heights. Pankaj Mohindroo, Chairman, ICEA, lent his exclusive opinions to VoicenData on what is expected from the Modi 2.0 Government and how it will support the startup ecosystem that also comprises startup innovators in mobile handset manufacturing. Few excerpts:

VoicenData: How according to you will the startup ecosystem benefit, considering the earlier measures taken by the government between 2014-2019?

Pankaj Mohindroo: The startup ecosystems have always remained to be an integral part of the electronics ecosystems around the world. In countries like China, manufacturing and industry eco-systems particularly relating to electronics have always played a dominant role in industry development and fostering innovations.

The growth trajectory and directions relating to the development of the mobile handset manufacturing eco-systems has witnessed unparalleled success during the past 5 years will be no different. Needless to mention, startup eco-systems must be given the highest level of attention and the focus should be to allow them to grow and be developed as per an enabling environment. The Government of India has already initiated a lot of measures to allow the growth of this ecosystem during the past 5 years. We are confident that the startup ecosystems will definitely support the MNCs and intent of global manufacturing setups to establish manufacturing and R&D eco-systems.

The ecosystem so created will lead to the creation of jobs and unleashing of the entrepreneurial spirit amongst young men and women. Moreover, startup ecosystems need to be encouraged and fostered in the country through suitable policy interventions considering that the critical role that this can play to establish R&D and product development revolutions that these can usher in for a country like India.

The mobile handset industry in India is particularly unique and important as it provides a host of opportunity for the app developers community to excel and in turn, get transformed as budding entrepreneurs thereby bringing in a lot of economic value for the nation and community. India’s quest to become the No. 1 mobile handset manufacturing destination over the next 6-7 years can be established and fulfilled without robust participation of a strong startup eco-system to support this vision.

Hence the measures that were taken by the government will help create a robust ecosystem for the startups and assist India in becoming a manufacturing hub globally.

VoicenData: How do you think the Indian startup ecosystem will evolve in the coming five years and what role can the incoming government play here?

Pankaj Mohindroo: We are confident that the startup ecosystems will continue to receive the highest level of focus and attention of the new Government during the next 5 years. Startup eco-systems will play a prominent and catalytic role to foster innovations and indigenous product development.

The Government’s vision to establish India as the Global Manufacturing Hub for mobile handsets as per the vision established under the National Policy on Electronics (NPE), 2019 cannot see the light of the day unless a robust startup ecosystem gets established and harnesses to support the growing manufacturing activity with a specific focus on the development of domestic champions and accelerating export activity relating to mobile handsets.

We are sure that the new Government at the center will bring in the appropriate policies and regulatory interventions to allow the growth of the startup eco-system to aid and support the growth of the electronics/ mobile manufacturing ecosystem.

Generation of jobs and sustained focus on indigenous product development and R&D using the incredible talent of India must be given the highest focus and what better way it would be to achieve so with the participation of the Indian startup ecosystem.


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