Forrester has now predicted that virtual care visits will soar to more than 1 billion in 2020, including: 900 million visits related to COVID-19

Microsoft launches new AI for Good program, AI for Health, to accelerate global health initiatives

In a new era of tech intensity, in which technology is reshaping every organization and becoming embedded in the fabric of every aspect of our lives, digital advances will continue to reshape our world in profound ways. AI represents one of technology’s most important priorities, and healthcare is perhaps AI’s most urgent application. However, the talent and resources required to equip health researchers with tools to deploy AI and data science is unevenly distributed. Less than 5% of the world’s AI professionals today work in health and nonprofit organizations. It is crucial to provide these mission-driven researchers with the tools they need to accelerate and expand their work.

In view of this demand, Microsoft Corp. on Jan 29th, Wednesday, announced AI for Health, a new $40 million, five-year program and part of the AI for Good initiative, that will leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to empower researchers and organizations addressing some of the world’s toughest challenges in health.

The new program is part of Microsoft’s broader AI for Good initiative, a $165 million commitment to empower people and organizations working to create a positive impact on society that address the world’s toughest issues. The initiative includes AI for Accessibility, AI for Cultural Heritage, AI for Earth, AI for Health and AI for Humanitarian Action.

“Artificial intelligence has the potential to solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges, like improving the health of communities around the world,” said Brad Smith, President, Microsoft. “We know that putting this powerful technology into the hands of experts tackling this problem can accelerate new solutions and improve access for underserved populations. That’s why we created AI for Health.”

Through AI for Health, Microsoft intends to work to ensure that nonprofits, academia, and research organizations have access to the latest technology, resources, and technical experts to help implement AI to accelerate research, generate insights and improve access to care.

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