MediaTek boosts chipset performance to suit Indian smartphones

MUMBAI: MediaTek Inc has announced that the company aims to provide a robust and comprehensive LTE, VoLTE and VoWiFi suite and is working to certify ViLTE, and eMBMS to meet the diverse requirements of Indian smartphone users.

From within its corporate portfolio, the company will be looking to offer more solutions from its Helio family series. The premium smartphone chipsets are the company’s flagship products designed to provide cutting-edge processor performance, long-term endurance, efficiency, and premium multimedia experiences.

Alongside the growth in smartphone devices that offer numerous capabilities to enhance user needs, which include connecting with family and friends, enjoying music, taking pictures, shooting video, or exploring the wealth of information available on the Internet, there has been an equal rise in the thirst for ever-longer battery power as well as an efficient and smoother user experience. The Helio series offers consumers the right balance between battery life and function, which improves consumer experience. Currently, MediaTek offers the Helio X10, X20 and P10 SoCs for the Indian market.

LTE shipments grew sequentially in the last quarter of 2015, as more than one in two smartphones shipped were LTE capable (Counterpoint Research). Given this scenario, MediaTek is preparing itself to increase its share in LTE segment in 2016, and is already working with about 10 OEMs to deliver 25+ unique VoLTE enabled handsets in India by the next quarter, some of which are expected to be enabled with VoWiFi.

Running parallel to its processor offerings, MediaTek also aims to make widely available its MiraVision solutions, a patented technology with a range of sub-features that deliver digital TV experience on mobile phones powered by MediaTek Helio range of SoCs, improving viewing experience of consumers and makes the FHD TV experience on mobile (images and videos) crisp and clear.

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