Lenovo launches Lencare app, service centers to boost after sales service

BENGALURU: Lenovo has launched its wholly-owned and operated service centers in New Delhi and Bengaluru. This is in line with Lenovo’s strategy to provide a highly differentiated and interactive customer experience. These well-equipped centers with trained staff will service and address Lenovo Desktops, Notebooks and Tablets related queries.

In addition to this, Lenovo has also launched an app called ‘Lencare’ on Google Play store. The app allows customers to register their machine, check their service order, schedule a call back and find a carry-in service center close to their locality. It also helps customers to escalate service issues. Additionally, Lenovo says that the app has a number of technical videos which helps customers to trouble shoot their own machine.

Speaking at the launch, Sudipto Ghosh, Executive Director Services, Lenovo India said, “As we are shifting from a product centric company to a customer centric company, there is an increasing need to focus on after sales service. Our intent of launching this flag ship service centers is to create a bench mark which can be easily replicated by our authorized service partners. This will also offer a more technology driven Lenovo Solution to our customers.”

Lenovo says that India is one of the first countries in the Asia Pacific region to launch Lenovo-owned service centers. These centers are centrally located at Hemakunt Towers, Nehru Place in Delhi and at Aurobindo Marg, 4th T block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru.

They are designed to address specific customer queries and provide assistance to products which are beyond warranty. It is designed to create an interactive experience with an online queue management system where users can register their complaint online at service center and allow them to track their wait time. In the near future, Lenovo accessories and warranty upgrades will also be sold at these centers.

These service centers are managed by staff that has undergone Lenovo certification programs. Customer feedback is paramount as it creates positive feedback for both the company and it’s after sales services. The company has also developed a stringent customer feedback system which will ensure that customers are satisfied. Currently Lenovo has 200 partner led service centers across the country. In the coming months Lenovo is planning to expand its service footprint by launching many more Lenovo-owned service centers.

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