Coronavirus call tune

Irritated over Coronavirus awareness caller tune, users resort to WhatsApp calling; flood social media with memes

Agreed that the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare wants to create a mass awareness campaign through caller tunes on how the deadly Coronavirus spreads. But the caller tune message is quite irritating, as the message appears every time a call is placed. It is certainly the best way to create awareness, but it is of a general opinion that there can be a limit on the number of times per day the message is played or at least that ‘COUGH’ played initially in the message can be removed.

From Saturday of last week, based on the directive from the Department of Telecommunications, telcos have replaced ringtones with default caller tunes that spread awareness about the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19). Operators, including Bharti Airtel, BSNL, Reliance Jio, and Vodafone-Idea have supported this campaign.

It’s so annoying that people now prefer WhatsApp Calling and other Internet-based call services as the preferred way to place a call.

On the other hand, social media like Twitter is flooded with memes and funny messages on this caller tune.

Coronavirus caller tune is irritating


Coronavirus caller tune
Coronavirus caller tune is irritating

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