IoT in the light of ‘Right to Privacy’

The Internet of things (IoT) adds a whole new dimension to human life as it empowers us with more information in realtime and helps us lead an uninterrupted life by taking care of the redundancies. But we must analyze the true importance of IoT in Indian conditions.

To harness its true prowess, the requirements of local consumers cannot and must not be overlooked. Global examples are a good starting point but not the best way forward. Geographic and cultural challenges set the Indian market totally apart, which means the usage and outcome of IoT might be slightly different in India than we’ve been witnessing in markets such as the US and UK. But it does not twist the basic fact that IoT can transform human lives and businesses. It’s a truth universally acknowledged.

Furthermore, the true course for IoT adoption in India will be determined by two major factors. First, the market conditions and readiness of organizations/consumers to absorb IoT solutions will set the course. And it has begun to do so. But the biggest challenge which IoT solution providers will face is from the Supreme Court of India’s ruling on the ‘Right to Privacy’ which makes the ‘Right to Privacy’ a fundamental right. As long as this ruling wasn’t real, solution providers had the liberty to define ‘privacy’ as per their own convenience. But it is no longer a prerogative. They need to appreciate consumers’ ‘privacy’.

Compliance to ‘right to privacy’ might impact the IoT adoption in India. But most experts whom we have spoken to believe that compliance will further boost consumer trust in IoT solutions. It is expected to affect the market in the beginning but will boost it in the long run. The Supreme Court of India’s ruling brings Indian in line with the European Union where GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is going to be effect in less than a year. Hence IoT solution providers, who successfully become compliant to ‘right to privacy’ will have the advantage to cater to the EU market.
In essence, it is just the beginning for IoT adoption in India. With solutions developed for Indian consumers and security added to them, businesses will bet big on them.

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