Indus Towers scales-up tower installation, workforce in Tamil Nadu

Indus Towers has decided to provide a robust telephony network across Tamil Nadu and is working towards employing a skilled workforce in the region

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Mr. A Siva Prakash Rao Circle CEO Tamil Nadu Indus Towers Ltd

CHENNAI: Domestic telecom tower company Indus Towers has decided to provide a robust telephony network across Tamil Nadu and thus is aiding the overall development of the region. The company says that it is also working towards building and employing a skilled workforce to provide seamless connectivity in the region. Furthermore, the company aims to connect over 79.3 million wireless subscribers across Indus Towers’ second largest telecom circle.


Re-iterating its vision of ‘Putting India First’, Indus Towers provides employment to over 4000 employees (directly and indirectly) in the circle. With 13,100+ towers and over 28,700+ tenancies in Tamil Nadu comprising of 2,800+ towers and 6,500+ tenancies in Chennai, Indus now offers its users continuous and uninterrupted connectivity across the state. Going forward too Indus Towers aims to expand its existing efforts in the region by installing more tower sites strategically followed by aggressive rollout plans for various telecom operators; thereby bolstering its seamless communication network in the region.

Commenting about Indus Towers’ local initiatives, A Siva Prakash Rao, Circle CEO - Tamil Nadu, Indus Towers said, “Indus Towers, through its network of well-connected and efficient towers, has been successfully providing seamless connectivity and thus contributing towards the growth of the region’s economy. Tamil Nadu is the second largest telecom circle in terms of mobile subscribers for Indus and we are committed towards developing the infrastructure and contributing towards the growth of the state’s economy. We have been continuously working towards expanding our footprint, keeping our environmental duties in mind and at the same time employing and training workforce in the circle.”

He further added, “Indus Towers has always stood by its responsibility towards the people across the nation, as well as in the region, by ensuring hassle-free connectivity to mitigate the damage experienced during any unfortunate calamity. Furthermore, we are committed towards our tagline of ‘Putting India First’ by working rigorously to maintain uninterrupted mobile telephony services to the state and thus empower the local talent.”


Speaking about his company’s initiative during TN’s deluge, he said, “Indus Towers played a critical role in restoring the network by providing continuous un-interrupted mobile telecommunications services in Puducherry, Cuddalore and other parts of Tamil Nadu, even when accessibility and maintenance of sites was a challenge owing to the recent heavy downpour. The field operations team of Indus Towers worked with the locals to help the distressed in every possible way.”

Indus Towers maintains over 5,920 ‘Green Sites’ in Tamil Nadu with 5,505 sites being Non AC sites. The Green Sites use solutions like Free Cooling Units and fast charging battery banks to reduce energy consumption and have advanced energy solutions like Li-Ion battery bank to reduce the carbon footprint. Through this the company has been driving its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint in the circle as well as across the country. As a part of its efforts, Indus Towers has been able to successfully reduced 68% of diesel consumption since inception. Furthermore, through its ‘Shut AC’ initiative, Indus Towers has converted over 5,505 sites from indoor-to-outdoor (Non AC) by shutting down ACs across the Tamil Nadu circle, resulting in a significant reduction in carbon emission and pollution.

Rao further assured, “As a part of its initiatives to grow and sustain the local economy, Indus Towers continuously aims to improve the skills of all its employees by way of various training programs such as technical trainings, in association with NTTF, for its 2000+ field force technicians as well as mandatory 2.5 man-days training programs for each employee every year. Reiterating its focus on the community, Indus Towers, in association with SOS Children’s Villages of India (SOS India), supports a total of 26 families and 260 children across the country. In UPW, the company has adopted 2 families in SOS village Faridabad.”

Indus has also partnered with Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF), a not-for-profit social enterprise that empowers people at the edge of information, including marginalized and underserved communities. Indus also has a 5 year partnership with TERI to sponsor clean energy and rural entrepreneurship through the Lighting a Billion Lives Program (LaBL) that reaches over 165,000 people across 660 villages in India. Indus is also working with NGO ‘Goonj’ to collect and distribute old clothes amongst the poor.

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