Mukesh D. Ambani

“India ready to lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution”: Mukesh D. Ambani

In his address at Indian Mobile Congress 2018, Mukesh D. Ambani gave credit to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for ‘galvanising’ India and also appreciated the contribution of Indian entrepreneurs.

The Chairman of Reliance Industries believes that by 2020 India will be a fully-4G country and ready for 5G ahead of others. Every phone in India will be a 4G enabled phone and similarly every customer will have access to 4G connectivity.

His address also acknowledged the “silent revolution taking place in Rural India.” Through this Digital revolution in Indian villages has brought a combination of connectivity with affordability, which is unparalleled in the world, he believes.

He recognized the contribution of the Government’s BharatNet program in providing high-quality connectivity in some of the remotest areas of our country and said, “This transformation will accelerate as we get ready for a 5G world… driven by the pro-active approach of the Government.”

In his speech, he promised that “JioGigaFiber will offer complete fixed-mobile convergence…where Indians will travel seamlessly between mobile and fixed broadband networks.”

Ambani trusts that India can “create a period of unprecedented growth, empowerment, employment and prosperity for everyone across our great nation in a future that will be shaped by the FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION.” A future founded on the robust pillars of connectivity, computing and data, a future powered by path-breaking digital technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and a future of exponential growth and immense opportunities for 130 crore connected Indians.”

With this revolution, he affirms that it will open floodgates of limitless opportunities for India and Indians, especially youngsters.

He gives high regard to the Prime Minister’s inspiring idea of EASE OF LIVING for all with universal connectivity and extreme affordability. He also thinks that due to this, India is not just ready to embrace but rather to “lead the Fourth revolution”.

He highlighted the four problems that according to him can be easily solved by this revolution. These are:

  1. The Fourth Industrial Revolution can realise the Prime Minister’s promise of doubling the incomes of 150 million Indian farmers.
  2. It can realise the AYUSHMAN BHARAT scheme’s promise of bringing healthcare to 500 million people ─ the largest health insurance initiative in the world.
  3. It can bring quality education to 200 million students in Indian schools and colleges.
  4. It can create more jobs with the digitally-connected and AI-powered marketplace of small merchants and small enterprises ─ which he called “NEW COMMERCE for NEW INDIA”.

According to him, every enterprise must have an ‘India First’ vision to participate in this market. He stated that “We will need to reinvent to grow and nurture this market to its full potential. This will be a win-win for the entire industry… for India… and for the entire world. To achieve this… we need a grand coalition – of everyone in the industry, government, civil society and the citizens.”

He concluded his speech by saying that he “strongly believes that India will enable every citizen to realise her fullest potential… on the back of this grand coalition.”

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