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Thales brings out Gemalto Instant Connect to ease mobile connectivity for eSIM devices

Thales has unveiled Gemalto Instant Connect – a connectivity solution to simplify the connection of eSIM-enabled devices on a mobile network.

The concept of this product, expressed by Gemalto, is that while users are spared the inconvenience of establishing a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to kickstart their mobile experience, OEMs and mobile operators can now provision devices with mobile connectivity at their first use, and not during manufacturing, saving both time and cost.

Thales says that connected PCs and laptops will be the first devices to integrate this faster and efficient approach to connectivity for eSIMs. Going forward, a wide array of OEMs and mobile operators would supposedly benefit from the solution, which is fully compliant with the latest GSMA Remote SIM Provisioning specifications.

Between 2018 and 2022, an estimated 2.3 billion eSIM-compliant consumer devices will be
shipped worldwide. To date, eSIM-equipped devices have had to rely on some form of primary connectivity before they are able to activate a full mobile subscription, either via a Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or other temporary connections.

These solutions were naturally inconvenient for either customers or manufacturers. In contrast, Gemalto Instant Connect leverages a mechanism that allows mobile operators to remotely and automatically provide a mobile subscription to any offline eSIM, affirms Thales in its press statement.

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