Demonetization boosts PayU India’s popularity with merchant community for digital transactions

NEW DELHI: While India is grappling with the sudden demonetization of Rs 500 and 1000 currency notes, the end consumer has been the focal point of every debate and discussion. With a view to address the woes of the merchants, PayU India has launched an aggressive campaign to support merchants through two of its disruptive products: PayUmoney Seller App and Sellfie. These mobile apps, according to the founders of PayU, are very well positioned at rescuing the merchants’ business from the current challenges, by enabling them to accept payments digitally.

Merchants can download the PayUmoney Seller App from Google or App store and get activated in 2 mins. They can then create bills and send the link to consumers via Whatsapp, Email, SMS or other apps. The consumers, in return can use the link to pay via credit or debit card and net-banking. Whether it’s a customer walking into the store or a delivery boy standing at customer’s doorstep, the app makes it possible to seamlessly accept payments.

Selfie is another product from PayU for small merchants or even consumers who probably operate out of their homes and sell on social media channels like FB/Instagram/Twitter. With Selfie, the merchant can simply click a picture of their product and share the same with their network on social media or Whatsapp. The interested users can ask questions to merchant and then pay for the product digitally via the same link.

Commenting on the Seller App campaign, Pradeep Shekhawat, Head of SMB Business at PayU India said, “This is a historic initiative by the Indian government and will become a milestone in curbing black money and promoting the use of digital payments. At PayU, we are committed to drive innovative FinTech solutions that simplify merchant’s lives and enable rapid business growth for them. We have leveraged our in-house user experience lab and cutting edge data-analytics capability to come up with these apps to solve specific pain points that merchant community faces.”

The PayUmoney Seller App can be downloaded from app stores of Apple or Android and within 2 steps, helps the businesses go digital and accept payment via credit card, debit card and NEFT transfers. Sellfie would come to the aid of sellers utilizing social media networks like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, etc to push their products.

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