COVIDIOTS are out at the time of coronavirus pandemic making it worse

Who are COVIDIOTS and why are they trolled on Twitter?

According to Macmillan Online Dictionary, the definition for a COVIDIOT is an insulting term for someone who ignores health advice about Covid-19, hoards food unnecessarily, etc.

They are a bunch of people who behave in a fashion (like idiots) that is not appropriate in supporting the prevention of the spread of Covid 19. This class of people just love to violate the rules or protocols of a lockdown and venture out into openness like vagabonds, endangering themselves and others. Not realizing the fact that they could be potential carriers of Covid 19 Virus, these people are just doing the opposite of social distancing. When the world wants to isolate themselves either to escape from being infected or not to be exposed as a carrier of the virus, this minority section of people wants to party in a selfish way.


The internet world thus gave a name for these people exhibiting the act of idiocy – ‘COVIDIOTS’.

Twitterati has observed several such people in their society and was very prompt to troll them and point their ruthless act towards the current pandemic situation. COVIDIOTS were largely found in the UK and a number of Tweets from the country showcase COVIDIOTS unmeaningful act. Social media users have been sharing photos and videos under the COVIDIOTS hashtag in an effort to shame people for gathering in large groups or using the outbreak to their advantage.

Our own country, amidst the 21-day lockdown period, also has COVIDIOTS. Our early one was singer Kanika Kapoor. Several Bollywood celebrities like Akshay Kumar, on knowing this, took to social media requesting these COVIDIOTS to STAY AT HOME and show solidarity in times like this where the country stands united to fight the pandemic Coronavirus spread.

This is a time to take lockdown seriously. STAY AT HOME, STAY SAFE and HELP OTHERS STAY SAFE – Do not be a COVIDIOT.


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