We Can Challenge Anybody on IUC, Internet Telephony: Trai Chairman

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) Chairman R S Sharma has said that IUC (Internet Usage Charges) and Internet Telephony are right moves, which have been floated after a lot of consultations and would benefit customers ultimately.
“I can’t respond to why telecom operators are cribbing …as far as I am concerned, these are all right moves,” Sharma told Voice& Data.
“As far as IUC is concerned, the worksheets are open with the public and are published, if anybody finds any error in that we are going to reward that person with a trophy. We challenge if anybody comes up with any errors you please tell us so,” he said.
Internet telephony is also very important, today everything is bundled. “Suppose, if I have a phone and I am an X operator’s customer but I don’t have X’s signal in this room so I should probably be able to use Y’s network. That means the signals, Wi-fi and the applications should be un-bundled, I could have wi-fi or any operator’s signal irrespective of whose subscriber I am.”
Internet telephony is going to take care of huge infrastructural problems, Sharma said.
Trai had more than halved IUC to six paise with effect from 1 October and abolished it all together for all local calls starting 1 January, 2020.

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