BT begins SD-WAN sales for large businesses to execute digital transformation


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NEW DELHI: BT has launched its BT Agile Connect, a new software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) service created for large organizations.


BT says that customers using this new service will benefit from far greater control and understanding of their infrastructure and traffic flows, a much faster, simpler and more secure way of setting up new sites, reduced network complexity and lower costs.

Agile Connect is built on technologies from BT and Nuage Networks from Nokia , while benefiting from the security and resiliency of BT’s global network infrastructure. Agile Connect equipment is currently live within the networks of several large global organizations and is now ready for volume deployment for existing and new customers.

Agile Connect uses software-defined networking (SDN) on a national or global scale to dynamically determine the most effective route for traffic to take across a customer’s wide area network. Its dynamic routing allows organizations to meet bandwidth demand by making it significantly easier to introduce new access services to their network or by making better use of what previously were back-up connections. It also ensures that traffic from high-priority business applications always takes the best performing route. Agile Connect includes a BT pre-built controller infrastructure hosted on the internet and on BT's multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) network.

It also uses BT pre-built MPLS Internet gateways to offer simple cloud-based connectivity between Internet-connected and MPLS-connected sites. And it benefits from BT’s investments in the security of both the controller and gateway infrastructure.

Together, BT indicates that these features save customers from having to undertake time-consuming and costly design, delivery and on-going maintenance of controllers, interconnection gateways, security and monitoring systems critical to the performance of a SD-WAN.

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