Awareness Webinar on EMF Radiation by DoT, Kolkata LSA

EMF testing done on 23491 of 46587 BTS in Kolkata LSA. All compliant with Indian EMF Radiation norms. Department of Telecommunications (DoT),

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EMF testing done on 23491 of 46587 BTS in Kolkata LSA. All compliant with Indian EMF Radiation norms


Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Kolkata License Service Area (LSA) organized an “Awareness Webinar on EMF Radiation” on June 29, 2022. Organised as part of DoT’s public advocacy programme to dispel myths around EMF radiation and address unfounded fears of citizens by presenting credible scientific evidence. To build a new Atmanirbhar Bharat, DoT is committed to ensuring a robust telecom network with state of art technology and the best quality of service.

An expert panel comprising of senior officers from the telecom department along with doctors, addressed the concerns of citizens while also debunking myths and misinformation related to health hazards connected with radiation from mobile towers

The webinar was attended by government officials, the general public, telecom service providers, infrastructure providers, and other officials. The notable key speakers at the event were Shri Tapas Pal, DDG (Compliance),DoT Kolkata LSA; Shri Mihir Kumbhakar, Director (Compliance-1), DoT Kolkata LSA; and Dr. TK Joshi, Advisor to Health Minister, Government of India.


At the Webinar, Shri Tapas Pal, DDG (Compliance), DoT Kolkata LSA mentioned, “We all know that mobile has become our basic need in our life in the field of education, entertainment, e-commerce, online purchase, video conversation with our dear ones irrespective of their presence in a very long distance and so many other things of everyday life. After 4G India is progressing toward implementing the 5G Network very soon. It is designed to connect virtually at high data speed, with high reliability and low latency. 5G can deliver up to 20 Gigabits-per-second (Gbps) peak data rates. Rural areas would also get internet services through 5G. Telecom towers are a backbone of Mobile communications and 5G technology requires even more towers to install for its small cells.  So it has become pertinent to install more towers to have a robust telecom network.  Therefore, it becomes extremely essential to address the spread of misinformation and provide an authentic view of health concerns related to mobile towers. Citizens can rest easy knowing that mobile tower radiation poses no health concern, as India's EMF radiation standards are ten times stricter than the limits set by the International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and adhere to the World Health Organization's recommendations (WHO). An extensive study on EMF signals has also not been able to prove that mobile tower radiation has any harmful effects on human health”.

Sri Mihir Kumbhakar, Director, DoT Kolkata LSA discussed the importance of mobile phones in our lives and the development of the country. He offered an overview of the emanation of low-level Electro Magnetic Fields from mobile towers.

Dr. TK Joshi, Advisor to Health Minister, Government of India, cleared misconceptions associated with mobile tower radiations. He said, “Despite an extensive scientific investigation, no link between mobile tower radiation and human health has been discovered. There is no scientific or medical evidence to back up the argument used against mobile towers. Cell towers generate extremely low-powered non-ionizing radiation that has no detrimental health effects on humans or animals. Following investigations, the WHO has concluded that there is no risk to human health from mobile tower radiation”.


Citizens need not worry about the adverse effect of mobile tower EMF radiation as they are being strictly monitored and evidence from credible sources has repeatedly ruled out the possibility of any impending health hazards emanating from EMF radiation.

The misconception among our population on EMF emission is wrong and the installation of towers should be allowed in their respective localities. There are checks and balances in place to ensure telcos adhere to the norms set by the Government. The Government of India follows 10 times more stringent norms than what has been prescribed by ICNIRP and recommended by WHO.

Mobile connectivity is the need of the hour for all sections of society. There is a need to realize the importance of mobile towers in order to maintain the standard of this essential service; however, due to misconceptions and myths, mobile towers were removed at several places after installation, resulting in poor connectivity. This programme will help address such issues.


During the Q&A session, the panelists responded that Network Connectivity is indispensable for a connected future and a healthy infrastructure will support the advancement of many technologies, which in turn would enhance the way we all live and work.

DoT and Telecom Operators are fully committed and equipped to ensure compliance with guidelines. These guidelines are designed to safeguard the concerns of citizens on EMF exposure norms have adhered as to safeguard our beloved citizens.

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