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Automation Anywhere hosts Bot Games IMAGINE in Bengaluru

Automation Anywhere is one among the world’s largest RPA providers with strong roots in India; started by four Indians way back in 2003, since then the company has grown manifolds to become a global leader in RPA today. A large chunk of their product development happens out of Baroda and Bangalore centers.


This year in Bengaluru, Imagine is held  for two-days where customers, partners, and the bots  are featured, the customers and partners shared experiences, how they have deployed the bots in their business development. These fresh perspective of industry are very unique and proactive. Companies like McAfee, osi-digital, Accenture, Xiomi, and many more shared the use cases of Automation Anywhere bots.

Gary Convoy, CMO, Automation Anywhere, welcomed the audience and said: “This Imagine will be extraordinary as any other Imagine, the number of audience is 6000+ and it is very overwhelming for us. Automation Anywhere has 3100+ entities including 1800+ enterprise brands, 800 partners and around 1.5 million bots deployed across the world. We have global presence with 35 offices in the world. In 2018, there were 1750+ employees and 175 bots, but in 2019 the employees are 3000+ and bots are 300. In comparison with, digital music, and digital media, digital labor is more demanded  with respect to data processing/collection and automation market opportunity.”

Mihir Shukla, Founder and CEO, Automation Anywhere, added: “In our category, we will be the fastest growing enterprise software company in the history of the world. In the category of software companies that are over 100 million in revenue going towards a billion-dollar revenue, our growth at this stage outperforms the growth of ServiceNow, Salesforce, Microsoft any other enterprise software company when they were at our size. So, this is the new record setting growth for the industry. ”

“If you look at the growth in India, middle east Africa and Asia pacific region it is going at a stagnant pace. You share some specific information; we will put India market into two different categories there is GIC multinationals and India enterprises. You look at GICs, we grew at 250% compared to the last year GIC market and an Indian enterprise numbers are equally fascinating. We have 10 of the 14 largest conglomerates as our customers that represents 45% of the capital market here and the growth in India is not just limited to the largest. “

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