Analog Devices expands RadioVerse Wireless technology to ease 4G-5G migration

BENGALURU: Analog Devices (ADI) has announced the latest update to its RadioVerse technology and design ecosystem, which simplifies and accelerates radio development for wireless carriers and telecommunications equipment manufacturers as they transition their cellular base stations from 4G to 5G networks.

ADI’s expanded RadioVerse portfolio features new radio transceiver hardware, software tools, and a robust design environment that enables the smaller, lower power radios necessary in next generation networks.

The new offering will allow its customers to quickly evaluate and develop radio designs for 4G small cell and Pre-5G massive MIMO systems, key building blocks in the transition to 5G, enabling faster data rates while improving connectivity and data throughput in densely populated, high-traffic areas such as office buildings, sport stadiums and public transit systems.

Addressing radio design at the circuit, architecture, system and software levels, the updated RadioVerse release includes the AD9375 RF transceiver, the newest addition to ADI’s highly integrated wideband RF transceiver series. The AD9375 is said to be the first RF transceiver to incorporate the digital pre-distortion (DPD) algorithm on-chip – a design breakthrough that reduces DPD power consumption by 90 percent compared to competing solutions.

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