Hrithik Roshan, recently announced Dance with Hrithik, a Facebook Group to encourage self-expression using various dance forms.

Actor Hrithik Roshan launches Facebook Group, Dance with Hrithik, to promote self-expression

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan is inspiring many youngsters to take up dance as an art form. To connect with his fans, especially kids, Hrithik Roshan, recently announced Dance with Hrithika Facebook Group to encourage self-expression using various dance forms.

The group has been facilitated by ‘Dance Out Of Poverty’, an NGO that works with underprivileged kids. The social media handle of Dance Out Of Poverty shared a dance video featuring thirty young fans of Hrithik Roshan expressing their wish to shake a leg with the actor.

The video features kids requesting the superstar for a dance session by stating that, “Art is a form of education, and less privileged can be empowered through it. We at Dance Out of Poverty follow this mantra, which is similar to what the class of Super 30 stands for. We provide free dance education and platforms to less fortunate yet deserving kids. Here is our class of dancing 30 expressing their wish to #DancewithHrithik.”

Speaking at an event, Hrithik Roshan said, “Dance has always been something that I am really passionate about and something that’s very close to my heart. I think the power of dance when combined with the potential of social media can be a great enabler in connecting people and transcending obstacles like class, status and creed. ‘Dance with Hrithik’ is an initiative aimed at forming a more intrinsic connect with my fans and inspiring to follow their dancing passion.”

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