Remote Working

Coronavirus scare urges ACT Fibernet to upgrade broadband speed, data limit to facilitate wfh customers

Internet Service Provider, ACT Fibernet has announced its unique initiative to offer additional speed and data to facilitate seamless work from home experience for customers recognizing the emergence of the fatal virus pandemic in India.

ACT believes that the current situation requires employees at large to continue their operations from the confines of their houses. In view of this situation,  ACT will be turbo-charging internet connections to 300 Mpbs speed and provide 300GB additional data, to encourage customers to continue work from home without any interruptions and limitations. ACT Fibernet will be providing this performance boost for all customers who have higher-end routers to access uninterrupted and unlimited high-speed internet and data for their work needs.

Under this plan, customers will be able to receive a turbo speed boost for INR 1300 and an additional data boost for INR 600. Customers can avail this plan through the app, after which their internet speed will be increased, and the additional data will be added within 24 hours which will be valid till 31st March 2020.

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