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7 Reasons Why SMEs should use Fleet Management in 2019

Running a fleet efficiently is an interminable challenge, particularly when it comes to managing and monitoring how vehicles are used on the roads. For businesses, the exigency is to monitor driver behaviour, vehicle productivity, reduce fuel theft and cost expense, catch smart analytics to streamline the fleet chain. To respond to all these challenges, businesses are considering the role of technology such as fleet management tracking and telematics to keep the fleet running as efficiently as possible.

Technology and data are paving the way when it comes to driving greater business efficiencies. A fleet management solution can unravel complex processes and automate fleet operations for improved ROI, after extirpating unnecessary costs. With fleet tracking software, enterprises are not bound to pay huge costs for vehicle maintenance and operational expenses without knowing the proper reason behind it. It subtracts the inexplicable issues and provides a more intricate level of data in terms of vehicle productivity, route management, fuel consumption, average speed etc.to the SMEs.

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Here are the top reasons why SMEs should use a fleet management solution in 2019:

  • 24/7 Real Time Tracking: Real-timetracking is one of the main functions of the fleet management system.Fleet Management Tracking by Tata Tele Business Services provides real-time tracking of vehicles including speed monitoring, distance travelled, etc. on web/mobile interface so that businesses can evaluate their overall fleet chain. Companies can get the location of their drivers anytime and anywhere without the need of calling them.
  • Risk Management:This cost-efficient fleet management tracking by TTBS will help the businesses to eliminate such risks and deal with the loopholes for the same.
  • Route Optimisation & Management: With a comprehensive fleet management tracking, businesses can make dynamic changes in optimized routes and re-optimize to beat the unforeseen changes; leading to the enhanced customer experience.
  • Automated Logging:The fleet management system contains a feature that automatically logs down every trip made with details such as speed, location, and mileage. A database saves all these logs and eventually helps the enterprises to stay ahead in the game.
  • Geo-fencing:In fleet management, geo-fencing set up a virtual boundary for the vehicles. This allows the companies to be notified whenever the vehicle enters/exit let’s say, a warehouse or customers place. This will ease the burden of having to worry whether the drivers are on time for their delivery or not.
  • Reports & Analytics/Real-Time Alerts:A fleet management system provides a full range of reports for effective review and assets.Fleet Management Tracking by TTBS provides real-time alerts on route deviation, over speeding, idling, and analytics through a secure portal and map view so that businesses can track the fleet.
  • Fuel Management: Intelligent fuel management tracking gives you complete visibility of fuel transactions and accumulated costs. Fleet Tracking by TTBS provides fuel consumption monitoring reports on insurance, PUC and service alerts.

Fleet Management Solution by Tata Tele Business Services is one of the best fleet management solution that gives PAN India coverage with 24/7 service and support. It tracks vehicles through GPS tracking system on duty, driver performance, fuel consumption and route monitoring real-time, through a secure and user-friendly interface. The services offered by Tata Tele Business Services assure greater accountability, lower cost of ownership and solutions specific to industry requirements.

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