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5G is Set To Make An Impact Across Industries

In an exclusive conversation with Voice&Data, Moneka Khurana, Country Head, MMA India, talks about the expectation of operators with regard to the mobile market and how Ideathon provides a platform for industry practitioners and students to network. Excerpts:

Q. What are the challenges faced by brands when it comes to engagement on different levels especially in a mobile environment?

Brands need to understand the differences between mobile marketing and marketing on traditional media, like TV, print, radio, outdoor, and cinema. As the only interactive platform that is able to engage people on a two-way basis, mobile is unique and not comparable to other forms of marketing channels. It also has the capability to reach consumers on a very personal level, which will require a marketing strategy specifically tailored to mobile.

Typically, engagement on mobile takes place on apps, however, it can also take place within or outside an app. While its capabilities are vast, mobile is a fairly recent medium, so it requires engagement and participation from all parties to build it up.

Q. How will Ideathon provide a platform for industry practitioners and students to network and share problem -solution and ideas that are relevant to today’s mobile audience?

The objective for this Ideathon is to help marketers understand the mobile medium as an Advertising and Marketing apparatus. While many of them have already started to use the medium these events are a chance for them to learn about previous experiences and to come up with new solutions. The Ideathon brings together the best and brightest young minds who are in tune with the latest mobile technologies. Through the event, they meet reputable industry practitioners who brought with them real-life problems, where they attempted to solve using their skills and knowledge of today’s technology.

Being a mobile-centric event, the Ideathon saw a strong focus on mobile solutions, prompting a shift in mindset for brands that may not traditionally think of mobile as a primary solution. This 30-hour nonstop hackathon also challenged both brands and participants to think on their feet, resulting in new creative ideas.

Q. Mobile has become a basic need in today’s world. What are the expectations of operators with regard to the mobile market?

The mobile marketing industry has exploded in a big way, especially in India, where the number of mobile phone users in India has grown from 775.5 million in 2017 to 813.2 million in 2018. By 2021, it is expected that this number will increase to 468 million.

As we live in an age of interconnectedness, 5G is set to make an impact across industries. We’ve already seen the possibilities of AI and machine learning, and 5G will bring these capabilities one step further, connecting people’s needs to mobile devices, and these devices to larger machines. 5G will also enable a more precise level of personalisation – something marketers can look forward to targeting their consumers.

Q. What according to you will be the transformational changes that 5G will bring?

Taking mobile technology one step further from what it is today, we will be seeing more smart cities around the world, including India, that will rely heavily on connected devices. Growing alongside the Internet of Things, 5G will enable new innovations that connect the consumer with brands on a much more personal level.

Q. Any other information that you would like to share.

As mobile continues to grow its presence in India, we look forward to more collaboration and sharing of ideas in the mobile marketing space. There is so much potential that remains untapped and I believe that these next few years will be crucial for marketers.

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