Xiaomi has several smart home products in its portfolio

What are 5 products other than smartphones and TV that Xiaomi will reap sales this festive season?

Xiaomi, India’s popular smartphone and smart TV brand, revolutionized the smartphone industry in all paradigms. With the latest launch of its Redmi Note 8 series of smartphones along with MIUI 11, the brand is storming into houses this festive season.

But did you know that brand Xiaomi, rather popular for its smartphones and smart TVs, has to its portfolio a wide variety of devices and gadgets that are also gaining popularity? Right from smart shoes, smart clothing, air/water purifiers, and several other day-to-day usage goods are super easily available on online and offline Mi Stores.

Let’s look at 5 products that Xiaomi has to offer for its India fans:

  1. Mi Water Purifier: This product was first introduced in 2015 and has since then been one of Xiaomi’s top-selling smart home products in China. Priced at Rs 11,999, the product combines RO and UV for the purification process. With smart App connectivity features, this purifier is going to be a tough new entrant competitor in the water purifier market.
  2. Mi Air Purifier 2C: Priced at INR 6,499 Mi Air Purifier 2C has the is a HEPA air filter powered purifier. Mi Air Purifier 2C features dual filtration technology, which includes a primary filter that takes care of the large particles and a HEPA filter that eliminates up to 99.97% of small particles. It has a high CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 310m³/h allowing clean air circulation for a 21m2 room in just 10 minutes.
  3. Mi Smart Body scale: Xiaomi says that this is no ordinary body weight scale. It has the power to do much more than just checking body weight. The scale can monitor several physical data such as weight, body fat, muscle, bone mass, internal organ fat, basal metabolic rate, Body Mass Index (BMI), body age, protein and water level. The scale uses a BIA chip and also uses a multi-frequency AC electrical impedance for the measurement of biological tissues. It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 protocol and can also connect to the Mi App.
  4. Mi Smart Bulbs and LED Lights: Convenience is the key with the Mi LED Smart Bulb. With Mi Home app the Bulbs allow the user to pick any color, control the bulbs and even schedule it to turn on the moment you reach home. The user can connect and control multiple bulbs through the Mi Home app.
  5. Mi Fitness and Lifestyle: These are two different categories and have more than 5 products under each. From Mi Smart Luggage to Mi Running Shoes the products are all set to capture the millennials looking to sport a trendy look.

For a foray into India with just smartphones, the Chinese brand is growing to be a household name in India. Despite these new-generation products, there are a few that fans are on the lookout for! One among them is Xiaomi’s laptop, which when launched is certain to cause a major disruption in the PC market and another is the vacuum cleaner.

Mi Notebook Air: As said, this device is probably the most anticipated one by die-hard Xiaomi fans. According to Manu Jain, Vice President, Xiaomi, and Managing Director, Xiaomi India, the company is researching on building a laptop that can cost under Rs 30,000. The laptop according to him needs to be customized to suit the needs of Indian consumers. May be 2020, Xiaomi will look at bringing the laptop to Indian markets.

Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner: Another top seller in China, this product comes with a low-noise brushless fan. The vacuum cleaner can connect with the Mi Home App, allowing owners to set cleaning schedules, modify cleaning modes, and monitor the cleaning process in real-time.

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