5 apps to beat your interview jitters

NEW DELHI: Heading for an interview always gives you those goose bumps. But the following apps will help you to brace yourself up for the big day, making you confident as you appear for the interview.

PRMobi App (an app for journalists): PRMobi media training app simplifies the process of getting ready for a media interview. It helps you to respond to hard questions that, increasing your credibility and exposure when faced with a real life situation.
Interviews are stored in a gallery and can be reviewed by the users. The interview begins when you hear the journalist’s voice as the device starts recording.

Once completed you will have the chance to re-play, review and share your video news package.

Google maps (Free) – iOS, Android, Windows Phone
To avoid any commuting hassle to your interview destinations, you can use Google Maps. The app offers more than turn-by-turn directions; it also shows local traffic conditions in real time, using data collected by other motorists using the service.

A route that’s backed up with traffic will be displayed in red, while a clear route will be shown as yellow or green. And if you hit a traffic jam, you can discover the quickest alternate routes with just a few taps.

Trunk Club (Free) – iOS

The iPhone app can connect you to a personal stylist, who will ask you about yourself and your style goals. Your stylist will load up a real trunk filled with clothing and ship it to your house for free so you can try it all on. You keep – and pay for – only what you want.

But the beauty of the service is how it helps you select professional clothing you may not have picked for yourself. The Trunk Club iPhone app is only for men, but StitchFix is a similar online service for women.
Job Interview Question-Answer (Free) – iOS, Android

With this smartphone app, it doesn’t have to be answering job interview questions. Job Interview Question-Answer (available for iOS andAndroid) can coach you toward better answers to common interview questions, such as “Why do you want to join this company?” and “Tell me about a time when you failed.” To use the app, select a question category, then pick the question you want to practice. Next, watch a short 1-2 minute video that explains what kind of answer most employers are looking for. Then you can record your best answer for each question and save the audio, so you can re-listen and practice all the way until the day of your interview.

Mirror (Free) – iOS, Android
Your smartphone’s front-facing camera can turn the device into a high-tech mirror for last-minute makeup fixes – or just to help make sure you don’t have something stuck between your teeth. A digital mirror is even better than its analog counterpart; the

Mirror app (available on iOS, Android) lets you zoom in for a closer view, and adjust the exposure of the image so you can get a good look even in low lighting.

Talview Candidate App: Talview Candidate App is designed mainly to help candidates prepare thoroughly for their final video interviews. The application gives patrons the convenience and ease of attending interviews through their smartphones.

The candidates, who seek to attend online video interviews through Talview can attend the assessment, provided the prospective employer has instructed them to do so. Job seekers can download the app and use the code given to them in order to complete the assessment.

The application assists candidates in honing their interview skills for a successful final interview by helping them give demo video interviews. Besides this, aspirants can practice aptitude tests to bolster their preparation. One can also attend aptitude test for practice from the phone.

(Compiled from Business News Daily)

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