40 Vodafone Mumbai retailers join in ‘curb fraudulent SIM cards’ program

MUMBAI: Senior officials from Mumbai’s police department and 40 Vodafone retailers attended a unique program called ‘Ek Mulakat’. The event was organized by Vodafone India for its top selling retailers from the Sakinaka, Mumbai area in first week of this month (August 6, 2015). This initiative was aimed at educating the retailers on the proper documentation process and its importance in curbing SIM card frauds.

This is part of Vodafone’s effort to engage with and to educate the retailers on the importance of subscriber verification process. As part of ‘Ek Mulakat’, Vodafone reached out to the retailers to outline measures of combating the persistent menace of fake SIM cards and connections.

Samad Shaikh, ACP of the Sakinaka Division, and Nalin Jain, Sales Head, Vodafone Mumbai, addressed the gathering and they highlighted the responsibilities of the retailers towards their society and the nation. The officials stressed on the importance of establishing the identity of the subscribers by means of proper documentation, before selling SIM card/connection to curb the anti-social elements in the society.

Commenting on this initiative, Ishmeet Singh, Business Head, Mumbai, Vodafone India, said, “Vodafone India is a responsible telecom service provider and is vigilant in practicing mandatory guidelines, which safeguard the interests and security of our subscribers. The subscriber verification is in the larger interest of national security and we understand the need for engaging with our retailers and to work together to ensure proper documentation process. This initiative is an attempt to reach out to our retailers and educate them about the importance of accurate subscriber verification.”

Addressing the gathering, ACP Samad Shaikh, said, “The Government formulates rules and regulations keeping in mind the security of the country and it is the duty of my department to ensure that the rules are adhered to. I am happy to inform you that Vodafone India is a responsible corporate and works closely with law enforcement authorities to ensure that all protocols are followed by the SIM card retailers.”

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