ZTE launches Big Video Premium OTT solution at 2017 TV Connect

NEW DELHI: Chinese telecommunications giant ZTE has launched its Big Video Premium over-the-top (OTT) solution, at TV Connect 2017.

As we enter the Big Video era, multiple new video delivery methods have emerged, and undoubtedly OTT is a key trend for the future of video services. Based on its 20 years of experience in the video industry and in-depth analysis of OTT development and trends, ZTE launched its innovative Premium OTT solution.

The solution focuses on the requirements of operators, brings subscribers the best possible video experience, helps operators to save costs and shortens time-to-market (TTM).

“OTT multicast greatly reduces the pressure on an operator’s backbone network and transmission network. ABR technology can always provide appropriate-bitrate video streams for subscribers according to the changing network bandwidth at the terminal side. The video segmentation, aggregation and optimisation technologies provide OTT subscribers with a low-latency experience as good as IPTV LiveTV. At present, the latency of end-to-end OTT LiveTV can be kept to less than 5 seconds,” a statement said.

“Supporting JITP and mainstream protocols including HLS, DASH, and MSS, the OTT platform can be used with all kinds of terminals, enabling operators to reach more subscribers. JITP packages and transmits content only upon subscriber request, so only one copy needs to be stored. This helps operators save on storage. In addition, the multi-protocol bit streams are encrypted through multi-DRM, and decrypted through DRM supported by the native player on the terminal, which greatly reduces investment on terminal DRM licenses,” it said.

Cloud-based storage can save on investment and meet subscribers’ needs for catch-up TV. Multiple business models create more profit earning opportunities for operators.

“ZTE maintains a leading position in the global Big Video market. Currently, it has deployed more than 90 commercial offices with a total system capacity of 80 million and more than 100 CDN commercial offices with a total concurrency throughput over 100T. Its largest office in the world – Jiangsu Telecom has more than 6 million users. Recently, ZTE has promoted its Big Video Premium OTT solution in the global market and has passed the tests of many globally-leading operators,” it said.

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