Get. Set. Ready… Yahoo mobile developer meet comes to India

NEW DELHI: US-based tech company Yahoo will launch its first Mobile Developer Meet in New Delhi and Bangalore on June 24 and June 26, respectively.

At the upcoming meet, mobile app developers will get the opportunity to network with fellow participants from the mobile start-up and developer community.

They will also get to see the Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite, a new suite of services designed to help them measure, advertise, monetize and improve their mobile apps.

“India has a vibrant, rapidly growing app developer community. As a mobile-first company, we understand the need for app developers to have a strong mobile analytics and monetization engine. The Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite can help developers build their app businesses, monetize and create better experiences for their users, to stand out in today’s crowded app market,” said Jarah Euston, VP of Analytics and Marketing, Flurry (owned by Yahoo).

Unveiled earlier this year, the Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite is a combination of technology and data from Yahoo, Flurry (acquired by Yahoo in August, 2014) and BrightRoll (acquired in December 2014). It is built on five offerings – Flurry Analytics with Explorer , Flurry Pulse , Yahoo App Publishing, Yahoo Search in Apps, and Yahoo App Marketing.

Across the globe, Flurry provides 200,000 app developers the mobile analytics. Every month, it touches over 1.6 billion devices and gains tremendous insights into users’ interests. During the meetup, the Flurry team will share key insights and trends from the app universe – both at a global and at regional level.

The meetup will also feature a discussion with a panel of innovators and thought leaders. This will be followed by a mixer to give participants an opportunity to network with fellow developers and share learning that can help resolve shared challenges.

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