x86 server sales declines in Q3 2011: IDC

VoicenData Bureau
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The Indian x86 server market sales for Q3 2011 stood at over 33,000 units, showing a sequential decline of 19 percent over the previous quarter (Q2 2011) says International Data Corporation(IDC).

While factory revenues also declined sharply on a sequential basis, in terms of year-on-year basis, revenues registered a growth of 9 percent.


Revenues from the Non-x86 server shipments, however registered a noticeable growth of over 20 percent on a year-on-year basis.

HP leads the overall India servers market with 35.9% factory revenue share followed by IBM with 29.8 percent share for Q3 2011. HP experienced a strong year-on-year growth in revenues with particular strength in x86 systems demand. IBM also witnessed growth in its year-on-year revenues supported largely by an hike in power systems demand.

The top 4 players, including HP, IBM, Dell and Oracle cumulatively held 92 percent of the total market in Q3 2011.

''After recording six quarters of strong double digit year-on-year growth in revenues, the India Server market began to decelerate in Q3 2011 due to economic uncertainties and cautious approach taken by both government and enterprises in postponing non-critical purchases,'' said Madhan Dhandayutham, research manager, IDC.

x86 shipments was the worst affected in Q3 2011 as it witnessed a sequential decline of 19 percent. However shipments grew by 3.9 percent when compared to the same time period a year ago (Q3 2010). HP continued to maintain its leadership position in this space with 36.4% unit shipment share followed by IBM and Dell respectively.