WiMax : WiMax Starts Ringing

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Mobile phones in India have been able to connect users with those using other

mobile phones or a fixedline. Smartphones have gone ahead to connect people with

the Web but WiMax enabled phones are giving alternatives to make calls from the

Web using WiMax. Over this, a consumer will be able to communicate with a large

number of devices as compared to GSM and CDMA phones. Companies are looking at

embedding devices with WiMax chips. The product list includes gaming consoles,

laptops, PDAs, PCs and even portable music players. Hence, connectivity among

WiMax enabled devices will be more.


Nokia has announced to install Skype service in its high end N- series phones

above N-97. HTC launched its WiMax enabled phone, HTC MAX 4G in Russia. WiMax

technology lets the users surf the Web and download beyond broadband speeds,

while the GSM capability in these handheld devices ensures reliability of

staying connected wherever the user is.

WiMax enable phone will allow users to make calls from Gtalk, Skype and other

VoIP services in less than a rupee. Also, most of the VoIP services are free.

Initially, WiMax-enabled phones will have less market as compared to low-end

GSM and CDMA phones because of infrastructure issues but will have their

influence on the users.

However, the Indian market has sensed the importance of WiMax. BSNL and Tata

communication have already announced their plans to lay WiMax infrastructure

across the country. The availability of WiMax infrastructure will give support

to WiMax-enabled phones in India.

Prasoon Srivastava