Tess and Tera intend to create a digital ecosystem, where the rural public will get “free access and free internet” services on WiFi.

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Tess and Tera intend to create a digital ecosystem, where the rural public will get “free access and free internet” services on WiFi


TTTS is India’s First 100% compliant PM-WANI PDO Aggregator & App provider powered by C-DOT, Ministry of Communication in August 2021.

SVV Sanjeeva Kumar is the CMD of TTTS with 25 Years of experience in the Telecom and Technology sectors.

He has successfully launched green field and brown field projects of OFC/MW transport deployment and the LTE/GSM/CDMA RAN domain. Successfully launched the advanced services 4G LTE/ FTTX/ Wi-FI/ CCTV/Smart City IoT deployments.


TTTS key focus is to create a new footprint of internet coverage through PM-WANI Public Wi-Fi.

TTTS is making “a platform to create rural-centric smart evolution” through the “Wi-DOT SMARTHUB”.

With all the above unique efforts TTTS is bringing value to the data users “Single Point Solution” (SPS) where users can facilitate with ease; affordable; and quick business solutions for all their day-to-day needs. TTTS has collaborated with C-DOT for the PM WANI project.


India’s first PM-WANI experience center & business promotion platform is demonstrated in DOT APLSA premise in Hyderabad, Telangana. TTTS has successfully launched the PM-WANI services in an enterprise as POC.

Case Study

Tess & Terra is focusing on fulfilling the key objectives of PM WANI. Towards this, it identifies and understands the shortfall of Basic Internet Services in Rural / Urban / Tribal zones and prioritizing the network rollout in uncovered areas.


TTTS is generating employment opportunities by helping create micro and small-scale entrepreneurs and:

•             Surplus income source for existing micro-small traders.

•             Rural empowerment and the transformation of digital India


How does it provide value to users?

Most of the mobile network-covered villages are suffering from low internet speeds.

Records say 5-10% of rural are uncovered with the mobile network.


Almost 80% of the tribal villages/ hamlets are uncovered with mobile coverage as of date.

Dense urban and metro are also suffering from low internet speeds.

It is difficult for the mobile operator to launch a mobile macro network due to infra issues as well as ROI concerns. PM-WANI will provide an ultimate solution with low cost and rapid rollout and operation.


“Wi-DOT SMART HUB” will complement the creation of Digital India. It will facilitate the convergence of all the digital transformed services to the rural public.

Ultimately “a platform to create rural-centric smart evolution”. An accurate and precise public database of the nation is captured categorically for better e-governance.

Tariffs are highly subsidized at a minimum of Rs 1/- per day.

In general, PM-WANI will facilitate the sale of 50% cost of the existing TSP tariff plans.

Tess and Tera are intended to create a digital ecosystem, whereas the rural public will get “free access and free internet” services soon.

Long term plans

Just not the internet, every village to be brought up as a “digital smart hub” and self-sustained & standalone revenue generation hub in the nation.

TTTS has 75 years of collective experience in the telecom sector 2G through 5G. And undertakes the following:

Introduction of the PM-WANI framework and creation of the awareness/ training camps thru physical and digital campaigns to establish the PDO services all across the nation.

Feasibility study and market survey for market segmentation/ create market demand/ adopt feasible business/ revenue models.

Build the last mile to all the possible unconnected urban, rural and tribal zones through ofc media. Provide alternative and advanced backhaul media extensions to the problematic rural & urban.

Demarcate the problem and identify challenges to adopting innovative solutions to meet the market demand.

Guiding and mentoring the PDOs/ distributors/ franchise/ other (b2b) business partners to proliferate the PDO Wi-Fi services in all the possible business domains and drive them the profitable way.

Collaborate with the R&D/OEMS/ application platforms/ other service partners to deploy the most advanced network infrastructure to realize the vision of PM-WANI and digital Bharat. 

Sanjeeva Kumar1

Sanjeeva Kumar1

By Tess and Tera Techno Solutions

Sanjeeva Kumar is Managing Director at Tess and Tera Techno Solutions Private Limited is creating a new paradigm for PM WANI