When it comes to online transactions, consumers prefer chat over calls: Quikr observation

BENGALURU: Today, communication preferences are changing dramatically with people gravitating towards chat features like messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat etc over calls. This trend of chat is seen growing tremendously in online consumer-to-consumer transactions as well.

Quikr nails the main reasons for this trend:

* Chat is a non-intimidating way to engage as consumers feel they are in charge of the conversation
* Millennials find texting better than calling- This demographic has the highest purchasing power and the intent therefore businesses are adopting to their new preferences.

For instance, QuikrNxt (chat feature introduced by Quikr) has gained huge popularity among Quikr’s consumers. Quikr says its goods vertical along with cars & bikes vertical is witnessing a significant engagement on chat by consumers over other forms of communication options. The reason being:

* Through this feature buyers and sellers can immediately connect with each other across Quikr’s mobile app, mobile site and even its desktop site
* Quikr Nxt assures its user’s complete number privacy, users can safely and conveniently connect with prospective buyers/sellers without sharing contact details. whenever a question pops up in the mind of the buyer about the product they can chat with seller instead of calling or being on hold
* This feature is convenient for both small and medium sellers as they can talk to multiple interested buyers, whereas call can be only one at a time. Hence increasing efficiency and providing a seamless experience to the sellers.

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