'We wish to provide customized applications for enterprises'

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What is the enterprise mobility market according to

Nokia and where does Nokia stand in this space?

We define mobility as a means to connect people with any mobile devices over

any network through Internet protocol or cellular to access corporate data

securely. Enterprises are expecting a lot of convergence between voice and data.

We are seeing a lot of opportunity in the network space as well as mobile

devices space.


Don't you think you are a late entrant in this space,

especially when BlackBerries and Palms are already there?

No, we are not late. We feel that the enterprise market is in the nascent

stage. Infrastructure for such services is getting better, need for getting

mobility is more, convergence of voice and data is happening. The telecom

divisions in enterprises are gaining importance with more and more investment

coming in. Even a CIO's role is getting changed. Today, he is seen as the

person who is in charge of software along with telecommunication.


do you address security when it comes to mobile data?

Security is one of the very big areas. We provide security at two levels.

Personal level security deals with device level security. Second-level security

provides remote wipeout. For instance, if a mobile is lost, data is the most

concern area. People are worried about data going into wrong hands. Now with

remote wipeout, one can delete the data if SIM is still active. If SIM is not

active, then a person is not able to see the data, as it will be password

protected. If a password is wrongly entered five times, data will be

automatically deleted.

How big is the enterprise mobile market?

According to various studies, the enterprise mobile market would be worth

18.1 bn. For comparison, the software market would be 6.8 bn and security market

would be 4.6 bn.


What are your plans for India?

For the Asia Pacific region, we are providing e-mail applications such as

Lotus, Pop3, etc with our products as backend application. Further, we are also

focusing on other business applications where details for sales executive on

market information or sales application are being provided. We are looking at

providing customized application for the enterprises.

Are you looking at encoding software solutions on Nokia


Our Forum Nokia addresses this. Here we call on developers to develop

specific applications. For example, stock trading application is developed by a

Mumbai-based company on Nokia device.

What are your plans for the SMB market?

We are offering E50 series, which is priced around 300-350 for SMEs. We also

offer E 61, which is priced 100 more than the E50. Applications and the ease of

use are same. However, E61 offers a wider screen area.

What are your plans to address government customers?

We offer solutions with group of people. We work with various companies such

as HP, IBM and Datacraft in providing mobile devices for e-governance projects.

Srinivas R in Singapore