We plan to cross `500 crore in FY12

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You started off as a channel company called AtoZ. Why and how did your focus shift to the handset domain, which is already bombarded with more than 100 players with low-cost handsets?


I think there is a huge requirement for some good players in this market. Our focus is not just to earn profit but also to serve people by giving the best quality at the cheapest price. Josh mobile is an upcoming telecommunications company in India from Shree Hari Overseas, which was founded in June 2010.

What is your USP?


We can consider long battery life, ultra modern handsets at affordable prices with best services as our USP. Josh mobile is having a futuristic vision and an exhaustive R&D at its helm. We have successfully generated innovative technologies to revolutionize the telecom consumer space as well.

Why is your handset range limited from `800-5,000?

We think that within this price range we can give all the features that the other brands are giving in their high price range. We want to make our handsets as affordable we can.


Which consumer sector is your prime customer and why?

Rural and urban customers are our target market. In the urban sector we consider youth, housewives and corporates to be our customers because they have a utility to carry 2 SIM cards and to escape from this hassle, they can carry 1 Josh mobile ie dual or triple SIM at affordable prices with all the rich features enabled.

And rural sector because they prefer quality features at cost-effective prices rather than the high price band.


Your mobile handset range is available only in Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Jammu, Rajasthan, Uttrakand, West Bengal, and Haryana? When can we expect pan-India launch?

Although, we have launched ourselves pan-India, yet the presence is not there, because we are making our presence felt state-by-state and within a very short period we will be available pan-India.

What is your retail strategy? How big is your retail reach?


Our strategy is building strong distribution channel as well as to have a large number of retail outlets owned by the company.

How much is the investment planned for this fiscal? What is the focus for FY12?

Our focus is to cross at least `500 crore in terms of turnover and would be investing throughout according to the requirement.


Who is your manufacturing partner? Where is your manufacturing plant set up?

There are numerous vendors across the globe and we do assemble our products ourselves also.

Akanksha Singh