'We are looking at contact centers and ISPs in India'

VoicenData Bureau
New Update


is going to be your focus in India?

We are looking at contact centers and ISPs, primarily to provide them

Internet backbone services. We have our teleport in Central London offering IP

trunking, voice and data services, and connectivity to our clients around the

world. We have our own satellites having a footprint over India besides stake in

Eutelsat and Europ*star.


Your important clients in India...

In India we have recently signed up our first contract with a Hyderabad-based

company, In TechNet, to provide high quality Internet backbone solution to India

using the Europe*star satellite.

Tell us about Telenor’s presence in India.

We have three divisions–broadcasting, Internet, and content and

interactive services. The first offers TV services to the private market and

distribution services to broadcasters and other content and service providers.

The second takes care of Internet access and services over narrowband technology

(ISDN/PSTN), and high-speed Internet (ADSL and cable). The content and

interactive services division develops and offers interactive services for

broadband users, in addition to managing content and content rights.

Sudesh Prasad