We are working closely with various STB manufacturers to reduce costs

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What are the major trends in the digital entertainment world?

Content is still the king and viewers still want a lot of choice. Content

protection/consumption control technologies are critical for the successful and

secure delivery of content. Time is becoming fluid, especially 'prime time'.

With push video on demand (VOD) and digital video recorders (DVRs), viewers can

download what they want, when they want-making prime time less relevant. Content

needs to be delivered in ways that can be used on multiple devices of different

sizes and resolutions. Viewers want to enjoy content on TVs, DVRs, PCs, PMPs,

mobile devices, and on removable media, while looking for information on



What is the role of interactive apps in the digital TV market?

Interactive TV systems have the ability to offer a choice of content to

viewers, which makes it possible for subscribers to undertake a wide range of

functions: They can see extra news stories, sports coverage, the latest sports

results, travel information, and weather forecasts. They can play interactive

games, go shopping, chat with their friends, place bets, and interact with their

favorite programs. The Indian market is known to have an appetite for new

technologies and value added services like DVRs and iTV applications. As a

result, India is a very promising market. NDS is working with local operators to

design a range of cost-effective iTV applications, which will help operators

reduce churn.

How do you foresee the future of mobile TV in India?

The future of video on mobile handsets will be perfect for India. This may

not be broadcast or mobile TV, it will more likely be episodic video clips (mobisodes)

that are downloaded via an IP connection (which will be faster in 3G) and stored

in the handset, to be viewed when required. A platform operator can provide a

wealth of video content that is complementary to their broadcast content. The

content will need to be pre-purposed for mobile, and made available as an add-on

or as part of the subscription to that platform.

What is your ongoing strategy for the next one year?

We have already delivered NDS DVR and XTV to Tata Sky and Hathway. We are

also working closely with the various STB manufacturers to reduce costs while

ensuring that functionality is not compromised. In the 2010 Commonwealth Games,

we are investigating options and solutions for high definition services. We are

trying to enable STBs to use broadband IP connections; and provide services like

VOD download, record remote booking, catch-up TV, and restart TV.

Arpita Prem